Tinder doesn’t want you to know about this

Tinder isn’t just overrated. It’s over.

The savviest singles have discovered some alternatives. Places that aren’t already saturated with men, and where your choice is based on more than a ‘swipe right’ judgement. Here are our top 3 alternatives:

1. Online Bingo Rooms

90% of Online Bingo players are females. These women aren’t playing to become millionaires, but are definitely looking for fun and you will be one of the few men between all of those ladies.

These women want to enjoy themselves and meet some new people in a safe environment. Honestly. These chat rooms are full of women with a bit of time on their hands who actively want to meet new people.

Did you know 78% of online bingo players use these sites primarily for the social aspect? The live chat rooms mean you can talk to people whilst playing the games, and people are forming great relationships through this tool.

And don’t be mistaken. Online bingo rooms are not filled with OAPs with a blue rinse. It’s the younger generation who are taking advantage of the ease of play and chatting online. Did you know 64% of players on bingo sites are under 30?

If you’re intrigued, try a few games and start chatting to some people and experience the great community for yourself. It’s win-win: you meet some women who are looking to have fun, and you get to start talking to them without looking desperate – you’re all just there to have fun after all!

And a little bonus: you could even win a bit of money for those first few dates!

*NOTE: One of the most popular Bingo Sites, is offering £5 free upon Registration.

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2. Online Courses

If you want to learn a skill, sign up to an online course. Learning together is a great bonding activity and you’ll already have plenty to discuss because you share an interest. What’s more, you’ll automatically make yourself more interesting to others because you are increasing your knowledge and making some great connections at the same time!


3. Online Forums

Similar to taking an online course, you can often access these forums without paying. It’s another great way to start chatting to people with common interests. Simply search the internet for something you’re interested in and there will be plenty of options. It helps if you’re already knowledgeable in a particular area, because you can answer questions and start conversations with as many people as you want!

So there you have it. If you’re single and want to set yourself apart from other men, take our advice now. Just don’t wait too long, as more and more men catch on to potential of this uncharted territory, it’ll get harder to meet women!

Currently, this Bingo Site seems to have the highest volume of young and single members, but it changes regularly so keep checking back.

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