10 celebrities who failed before they succeeded

Amazing people, amazing discoveries, yet, went through tough times before getting to the limelight. Let’s take a grasp of some of them.

1. Walt Disney

Walt Disney, fired from his job for lack of creativity and denied ”Oswald the Lucky Rabbit,” which was the rights to his first character. This drove his first business into bankruptcy. It also drove Walt into thinking about doing a full-length animated movie.

Although virtually everyone thought it wasn’t a good idea, he pushed further. He had to mortgage his house and also had to take a loan to complete Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs because of lack of funds. The movie didn’t only bring in $8 million; it was also the most successful sound film made to that date.

2. Mary Kay Ash

Worked for 25 years for one company, and finally didn’t have a choice but to resign because the company rejected her ideas. She retired and wrote a book aimed at helping women in business.

This book became an excellent business plan, and Mary Kay founded the world-renowned cosmetics company that bears her name.

3. Thomas Alva Edison

Edison is self-confidence and perseverance personified. He didn’t stop after failing thousands of times to invent commercially the viable electric light bulb.

He always thought the failure was taking him closer to achievement: “I have not failed. I have just found 9,999 ways that do not work.”.At the end, he produced a bulb that could glow for over 1,500 hours.

4. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, tireless and never carried away by the opinions of others. Upon entering Princeton and Harvard, she was still criticized continuously, but she decided to be herself at all times and to tenaciously follow her vocation: to help make a better country.

5. Steve Jobs

In 1985, Steve Jobs after getting fired from his own company (which he created with his friends), returned in 1996 when Apple, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, and decided to buy the new small company he had built. Since then, Apple became very successful once more.

6. Howard Schultz

We today enjoy delicious Starbucks coffee; thanks to the persistence and tenacity of Howard. It was challenging for him to convince investors to write him a check.

His idea was turned down 214 times before he found someone who believed in it.

7. The Beatles

This group, the most famous quartet the world has ever known was turned down by many record companies at the early stage of their career. The Beatles came to London On January 1, 1962; they made a record of 15 songs at Decca Records.

Unfortunately, Decca rejected the band and made one of the most significant mistakes in the history of the music industry.

8. Milton Hershey

From a tender age, Milton Hershey worked at a candy factory. He opened his first candy shop, In 1876, at age 18, but it did not succeed.

He later proceeded to another Candy shop to learn more. In 1883, he was back, and his new shop became successful. Ten years after this, he took a risk and sold his business to start the famous Hershey Chocolate Company.

9. Stephen King

He began his writing career with a novel that was rejected 30 times, so he threw it into the garbage. His wife on pulling the manuscript out of the thrash persuaded him to complete the work.
Finally, his work was accepted by a publishing house.

His book has over 350 million copies most of it. His famous work, ( It and The Green Mile) have been made into movies.

10. Soichiro Honda

He used his early childhood in the bicycle shop helping his father. At 18, he built his first race car and at 22 started his own auto repair business.

He incorporated the organization “Tokai Seiki.“ His factory was destroyed during the WW1 by a bomber attack. Honda didn’t restore the factory and spent a year manufacturing alcohol in his garden. He later decided to use a radio generator to power his wife’s bicycle.

Two years after this, Soichiro Honda started producing a complete motorized bicycle, the ”A-Type,” the first invention of Honda Motor Company.

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