Use Native Notifications to your advantage!

There are approximately 1.74 billion websites in the world as of January 2020. However, this number is not fixed, and is on a constant rise, as new websites are sprouting every day. That is some fierce competition, wouldn’t you say?

You may have created an awesome website with high-quality content that looks and works wonderfully. Well, all this is fine and good, but it does not matter much if you are unable to attract people to visit your site. This brings us to the next problem, how to fully monetize your website, i.e. use it to make money off of it? Read on as we explain more and introduce you to an obvious and quite frankly genius solution.

Attracting visitors to a website is tricky

Digital media was estimated to be worth more than $240 billion dollars last year. Where does your site rank in all of this? Do you know how to best use all the available tools to get your slice of this amazingly expensive cake?

Yes, there are many tools out there that can help you reach a wider audience. There are tools with monthly or yearly subscriptions that promise good ROI (return-on-investment). Still, many of these have a common problem – a complex implementation process that requires expert help, it takes a lot of time to put in place and in some cases, requires website downtime.

There are also tools that can help you monetize your website and reach a wider audience without having to break the bank or having to hire expert help. Yes, we are talking about The team behind has made an amazing product that is simple to implement in your existing website and brings a variety of benefits for your website (and bank account).

What is

First thing first, is a Native Notifications Platform offering an edge over the similar platforms: it offers customizations that enable you to pick the content presented to your audience and lots more.

This free solution, and yes, we do mean free, is simple to install and you can be ready to go live in minutes after installation. It allows you to create personalized connections with your audience, and it does this by delivering content they will love at first sight. Here is a general overview of how this platform works.

How does the platform work?

The platform has something called Smart Segmentation Engine. What this does is analyze the online behavior of your audience. It compares it in view of relevant content and personal preferences and it displays only relevant data. Based on the results, the tool will handpick and showcase only relevant content to the user, allowing them to see only what they already like. Something like serving users their favorite meals without even asking.

This is achieved with the use of Native Notifications. The Native Notifications tool enables its users to use their website and all its resources to the maximum potential. Another thing about they do this very carefully and tastefully, not overwhelming the audience, but delighting them with the custom-tailored suggestions.

What can do for a website?

The platform allows a website to become more popular with its preferred user base and reach a wider audience. It enables the website/brand to build meaningful relationships with its audience that will last a long time. This is only possible with custom-tailored content, as it has the potential to up the engagement by a factor of 3.2. also has a big impact on the bottom line. By displaying the adds/suggestions at the right place and the right time, your website/brand has a guaranteed chance for success. Some users have already experienced a 100% increase in revenues since implementing the platform on their website.

How to use HayDay?

Allowing an unmatched ability for content discovery, the platform goes a step further, it is free to install and use. While other similar platforms out there cost a pretty penny, the team behind has decided to offer it for free. Per their promise, it will remain free now and forever.

You don’t have to be an expert to install the platform on your website. You don’t need to hire an expert in onboarding, as the whole installation process is as simple as copy-paste. No, we are not joking, just copy the provided code and paste it on your website and you are all set.

Utilizing the relationship between search engines, native advertising, and native notifications, provides an excellent, free tool for improving the relationship with your audience, by always keeping them informed with content they care about.

What is the future of native notifications?

The future of Native Notifications is personalization. To be able to catch the attention of your audience, the notifications need to be relevant to the user’s preferred searches. They need to be evaluated against some set criteria to match the user preferences: and this is exactly what the platform offers.

For all interested webmasters, feel free to sign up on the website and get all the benefits from the platform and start seeing results almost immediately.

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