14 Good News to Brighten Up Your Day during the COVID-19 Crisis


We are not hearing a lot of good news lately, and bad news is extremely bad for our health, they can make us anxious and depressed. On the other hand, good news can improve our state of mind and can make us more productive and optimistic. And that’s exactly what we need during these trying times. To help our families and friends, we need to keep our hopes up, to be united, and to trust the scientists and doctors who are working tirelessly to put an end to this crisis.

Here is some good news that will make you smile and that will maybe make it a bit easier to stay inside:

Two pandas are going to have a cubs

Zookeepers from a Hong Kong zoo were happy to announce that, after a decade of trying, two shy pandas finally mated. With the zoo closed because of the pandemics, they finally enjoyed some much-needed privacy. We can’t wait to see those fluffy little panda cubs!

Baby turtles incoming!

While Indians are staying indoors because of the Covid19 crisis, turtles can do their thing undisturbed. This year, hundreds of thousands of sea turtles swarmed the beaches to lay no less than 60 million eggs. We know staying in isn’t much fun for us, but let’s do it for the baby turtles!

Captain Tom Moore

A 100-year old British veteran named Tom Moore did something amazing and his story should be an inspiration for all of us. Despite his respectable age, Sir Tom Moore walked 100 laps around his garden and managed to raise more than 3 million pounds for the National Health Service.


Cats and dogs are not food!

We are witnessing a historic moment with a new law that makes us happy. The city of Shenzhen has become the first Chinese city to finally ban the horrible practices of selling and consuming cats and dogs. The Chinese culture is fascinating and beautiful in so many ways, but this wasn’t one of them. Even if we’re talking just about Shenzhen, this is an important step.

More corals!

Tourism has stopped everywhere around the globe and the Australian continent is no exception. This is bad in so many ways, but there’s some good news as well. Australian scuba operators who are currently enjoying more free time than ever have decided to invest some of their resources and energy into planting new corals along the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

LEGO to the rescue!

We have a love/hate relationship with LEGO bricks because but playing with them is so much fun but stepping on one is so painful! But this is not the point right now. LEGO is a huge company with great potential to give a helping hand during the pandemics. And that’s exactly what they are doing. The people behind LEGO have decided to modify some of their machines to produce face masks and they are now making around 13,000 a day.

Fresh air

According to some recent studies, it seems that staying home and traveling less has some notable benefits. Experts expect to see a huge fall in CO2 emissions and some even believe the air will be the freshest it’s ever been since World War 2. This is what the air felt like for our great grandfathers. Pretty neat, huh?


More animal adoptions

 As people feel more and more lonely in isolation, many of them decide to adopt a cat or a dog. A lot of shelters go empty and that’s great news. Let’s just hope that people will still love their pets when this will all be over and that they will keep on adopting. Adopt don’t shop! All cats and dogs deserve a loving home!

There are many heroes among us!

A lot of retired nurses and doctors are coming back to work. They are doing everything they can to help their younger peers deal with this unique and unexpected situation. To win the fight with COVID-19 we must be united and these amazing people are our heroes. Thank you!


Well done, Italy!

Italy was one of the countries that suffered the most because of the Coronavirus. The Italian people suffered a lot over the past few months, but things are finally looking up. Italy is starting to see more people recover from this awful infection and fewer people diagnosed! We are proud of you, Italy and we are rooting for you!


A common goal

Scientists all over the world are currently focusing on finding a cure for COVID19. This is a unique situation that the world has never witnessed before. With thousands of researchers uniting their forces, we are optimistic. We trust the brilliant minds of this world and we thank them for their continuous efforts.

We are getting better!

We can’t say that we’re safe yet, but it’s good to know that over 700,000 people have recovered from COVID-19 and can now return to their families. Testing and isolation are two safety measures that prove to be effective. But we need to keep staying in as much as possible until everyone recovers. People are getting better and that’s amazing. This gives us hope and makes us feel like our efforts are finally paying off.

Amazing recovery

Megan Sites, a 27-year old woman gave birth to her son Jameson while being extremely sick due to the COVID-19 infection. While battling the deadly virus, this brave woman had to go through an emergency C-section. Doctors think it’s a miracle that she did a full recovery and both she and her son are safe and sound. Miracles do exist and Megan and Jameson are living proof.

Pink flamingos and curly pelicans

Two of the most beautiful species of birds in the world – the pink flamingos and the curly pelicans are thriving thanks to our absence. While we’re admiring nature on our TV screens, these majestic birds are finally enjoying some peace. Flocks of birds have been observed around the Western coastline. Good news indeed!

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