Super-useful Computer Accessories that Everyone Needs

Tech has gone a long way over the past decade and we are amazed of the wide range of useful computer accessories on the market. By reading our article you will find out what some of the most unique an interesting gadgets and gizmos are and how they can make your life easier.

The most interesting and popular items:

A dusting glove – This glove will make cleaning your keyboard a much easier task. You just have to put it on and swipe all the dust and dirt away.

Cable clips – Organizing your wires has never been easier. These cable clips allow you to finally have an effective cable organizing system. You’ll never waste time untangling cords every time you need to clean the floor or charge your phone.

A zippered sleeve – Are you tired of always tripping over the wires and plugs when you walk around the house? This super-useful accessory will help you keep all those plugs and annoying wires under control.

1. Cable zipper sleeve

Image source: Amazon

This cable sleeve will help you organize those annoying cables and keep them out of your way. It has a zipper, so it’s super-easy to use and it’s black, so it won’t look very obvious. Made out of neoprene, this zipper sleeve will protect your cables from pets and damage.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about the cable sleeve:

“Used to hold and tidy my cabling for various electronic devices. Looks good and unassuming and is sturdily made. Zip is strong and the sleeve has plenty of room to hold numerous cables. Very happy overall.” – JPatts

If you want to try the cable zipper sleeve for yourself, you can buy a four-pack for $9.98 from Amazon.

2. Cable clip organizers

Image source: Amazon

These cable clips can be attached to each one of your wires and they will help you create a better cable organizing system. You’ll finally be free from pesky tangled cords and tidying up will be less of a hustle.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about the cable clip organizers:

 “What a useful item! I bought it because I work at my desk the whole day and I have a lot of cables around. This thing helped me organize the whole desk. Now the phone charging cable stays arranged at a side, my mouse cable comes straight to it and all the printer and computer cables are arranged on the back of the desk. No more mess! The product sticks to the table and it stays there but it can also be removed it necessary. It leaves no glue marks that are hard to remove, like other products out there. Really happy I bought 2 sets. Would definitely recommend..” – Teamobsidian

If you want to try the cable clip organizers for yourself, you can buy a pack of six from Amazon for just $6.97.

3. A great gaming mouse

Image source: Amazon

If you are an avid gamer, you have to try this amazing gaming mouse that will give you a huge advantage over your opponents. With this fancy gaming mouse, you’ll finally be able to beat that final boss or to improve your rankings. It even has a fun light feature that you can customize, five default DPI levels, seven programmable buttons, and four adjusting polling levels. It is okay if you’re not sure what all that means, all you have to remember is that this mouse is a perfect gift for any gamer.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about this gaming mouse:

“When I first plugged this mouse into my PC I was blown away!! The RGB lighting truly looks amazing and if you’re going for aesthetics for your Set-Up this is the mouse for you! You can customise the RGG by downloading the driver program and go from there… Anyway I’ve been using this mouse all day and I love it!! The customization is phenomenal for a £13 mouse 100% would recommend!” – MilkySimz

If you want to try this amazing gaming mouse, you can get it from Amazon for $13.99+.

4. A gaming webcam

Image source: Amazon

This webcam will make you feel like a famous streamer. By using this gaming webcam, you’ll get amazing video quality and your friends will enjoy watching you play your favorite games. If you plan on starting a game streaming career, you should definitely check this gadget out.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about the gaming webcam: 

“I got this webcam as an alternative to the built in camera to my MacBook. It is very easy to set up (plug and play) and works great with Skype. Attaches via USB2. Image quality is superb and clear. The camera clips on top of the screen, a light notch may be visible for edgeless screens, but this is not an issue. The mount also has a standard screw thread fitting so it can be attached to a tripod if you want to do blogs or other video type presentations.” – Mr. Roly

If you want to try this amazing gaming webcam, you can find it on Amazon for $29.99+.

5. The perfect gaming chair

Image source: Amazon

Modeled after real race car seats, this gaming chair is one of the greatest desk chairs available on the market. It is not too expensive, it looks really cool, and according to the reviews, it offers good lumbar support. You don’t have to be a gamer to get this chair; you just need to have an appreciation for cool and comfortable stuff.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about this amazing gaming chair: 

“I got this chair to replace an old one that had run its course for sure. The chair is awesome and has very good back support which is crucial because I am an IT professional and spend many hours on the computer at a time. Both the legs and arm supports feel like very sturdy plastic that should be able to take a beating and the added benefit of having the arm rests able to fold out of the way is a nice perk.” – LankyFrenchman

If you want to try this amazing gaming chair, you can find it on Amazon for $79.99.

6. Under-desk organizing stand

Image source: Amazon

This under-desk organizing stand has everything you need: a place to hand your headphones, a watch holder, and a USB port. Although it doesn’t seem like much, this stand will prove to be extremely useful.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about the under-desk organizing stand:

“ Purchased for a couple of reasons. My PC sits under the desk which makes it difficult for me to get to USB ports on the rear of the chassis and secondly my Oculus headset and Controllers take up desk space. Opened the nicely packaged hanger and screwed it to my wooden desk using the supplied screws and hey presto – I have somewhere to rest all my Oculus bits and pieces and have a lot more of my desk back with the added bonus of having some very easy to reach USB ports thrown in as well.
The hub is a real added bonus – Brilliant” – Dave

Don’t take our word for it, try the under-desk organizing stand for yourself. You can find it on Amazon for $21.99+

7. Elegant laptop case

Image source: Amazon

This discreet and elegant laptop case is extremely light and will add a little color to your computer. We’ve tried this laptop case, and it might be our favorite item from this list. By protecting your laptop with this case you’ll get loads of compliments and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll love it.

Here is what a happy client had to say about this laptop case:

“I am very satisfied and pleased with how it both looks and feels. So simple. Case snapped right on and the keyboard cover fit perfectly. Would not change a thing. The case came in 2 days so I was happy to have the case before I even bought my MacBook. Will probably buy a few other colors. Also screen protector was a nice touch.” —Alexys Carder

If you want your laptop to look great and to be protected, you can find this case on Amazon for $13.99.

8. Cute laptop stickers

Image source: Amazon

These laptop stickers don’t really fit the gadget and tech category, but they are incredibly cute so we had to include them in our article. A set of pretty hanging plant stickers will bring you joy each time you pick your laptop up and will spruce up your work space.

If you want to decorate your laptop with these super nice stickers, you can find them on Etsy for $8.07.

9. Bamboo workspace organizer

Image source: Amazon

If your office space is too messy and crowded, this bamboo workspace organizer is the right choice for you. The organizer includes special slots for your laptop, coffee mug, phone, papers, and other accessories, not to mention that it looks really nice.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about the bamboo organizer:

This has been really useful. I use it in my classroom. It’s one of my favorite purchases I’ve made. I use it on the top of a rolling cart that I use as a standing desk. It has nice little nooks in it for storing other items as well, which I really like. It’s really sturdy, and I’m sure it will last. It has already lasted me a year and it still looks great. – dawn767

If you want to spruce up your working space with this extremely useful bamboo space organizer you can find it on Amazon for $25.99.

10. USB Hub

Image source: Amazon

This USB Hub is extremely useful, especially if you feel that you never have enough USB ports. This small gadget will solve an issue that you didn’t know you had and it will leave you wondering “Where has this accessory been all my life?”

Here is what a happy customer had to say about the Sabrent USB Hub:

“The PERFECT USB3 Switched & Powered 7-port Hub!!! The “Sabrent HB-BUP7 USB 3.0 7-Port Hub with Individual Power Switches, LEDs & 36W Power Adapter” is the answer to my 3-year search for a switched & powered hub that actually works properly with Windows 10 computers!” – Trusting Customer

If you need more USB ports, you can find this great product on Amazon for $8.49+.

11. A mini projector

Image source: Amazon

This miniature projector can be connected to any computer and allows you to host a great movie night at home or to organize a work event. Whether you are an event planner or you just want to upgrade your at-home movie night experience, this mini projector will become your favorite gadget.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about the mini projector:

Works great. We had purchased to use outside for movies for the kids. I plan on using in the fall to watch college football with my friends. The picture is clear on the 10 ft screen we also bought. Works with amazon fire stick which was another bonus. – Amazon Customer

You can find this projector on Amazon for $69.99.

12. Decorative desk set

Image source: Amazon

This decorative desk set looks really nice and will make you feel happy each time you are at your desk. If you buy this set, you’ll get a mouse pad, a large desk mat, and a coaster with a really cool pattern.

This decorative desk set is available on Etsy for $23.99.

13. Wireless headphones

Image source: Amazon

If you want to listen to your favorite bands seamlessly or to block the noise of your office, these amazing headphones are the answer. Giving up on your old headphones might be a bit difficult, but we guarantee that this headset offers a crisp sound, long battery life, and they are extremely comfortable and ergonomic.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about the MPOW headphones:

“This is my first review here on amazon, I just got this product today for my birthday as a present to myself and wow did it blow my mind. Headset is a really big thing for me cos I love music and I searched the internet for a whole month looking for a good headset at a fair price. This product is fantastic, the sound is so clear and crisp even at its highest volume there is no distortion and the call is so clear. It’s so worth every penny and more.” Don Steel

And they come at a great price if you buy them from amazon Amazon – $38.00+.

14. NZXT RGB lighting kit for PC

Image source: Amazon

If you want to add some ‘mood lighting’ to your PC or even to your TV, you should check out this ambient back-lighting kit from NZXT. Installing it is very easy, it had included magnetic light strips and an adhesive back. If you love to play with light, you’ll be happy to hear that the lighting possibilities with this kit are near endless.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about the NZXT Lighting Kit:

“This is my second time purchasing the Hue product. I had the original in my Corsair case and then recently bought an H700 (non-i edition) for a new build. I really enjoy the ability to adjust the lights as custom as you really want them to be. I think I’m becoming a little fanboy. <3” – Michael N.

Get it from Amazon for $75.99.

15. A 21.5-inch monitor

Image source: Amazon

If you are looking for a bigger monitor with a flawless, crisp picture, then you should try this HP Pavilion LED monitor. Perfect for Fortnite players and Netflix binge-watchers, this monitor has countless 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about this monitor:

“Excellent monitor! As you can see from the photo. I bought two of them. Dual monitors are the way to go. Multi-tasking at it’s best! Since it doesn’t have any audio outputs; I use Bluetooth from my laptop to a JBL Charge 2 Bluetooth Speaker.” Eric

You can find it on Amazon for $84.99.

16. A Set of Speakers

Image source: Amazon

These Bose speakers are extremely appreciated by Amazon customers, with almost 3k five-star reviews. We recommend them as well, especially if you want to dance your heart out to the latest Taylor Swift album. You know you want to! 😉

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about these speakers:

“I had been using an old pair of computer speakers that were making funny noises (low whine when turned on), and had been eying these Bose speakers as a replacement for some time. I finally decided to order them after someone sent me an Amazon gift card for Christmas. They are AWESOME.” Chris

You can find these speakers on Amazon for $99.99.

17. FiFine USB Microphone

Image source: Amazon

This FiFine USB microphone will be a great addition to your collection of gadgets. If you’ve been planning to start a podcast, record a song, create Youtube content, stream games, or use Google voice search, this microphone is the perfect accessory.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about this USB microphone:

“Definitely WAY better than your laptop mic. It’s way more directional (good for narration), less noise, far better tonal range – it’s a good mic. Video shows the difference.” – TyCo

You can find this microphone on Amazon for $21.99.

18. Seagate External Hard Drive

Image source: Amazon

This portable hard drive is the answer to all your prayers. If your mom has been asking you how she can store all of her pictures safely, then you should certainly buy this Seagate external drive for her. This slim and elegant device can store between 1 and 5 TB of data and the transfer speed is outstanding.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about this external hard drive:

“This is a grate drive for extended storange for the PS4 & is also great for system backup on the PS4 after ya reformat to FAT32. PLUG AND PLAY. I HAVE 2 OF THEN. If ya don’t want to loose what ya have & save ya time & money to keep what ya paid for. Time tested for 2 years. Vary happy.” Lab Tech Testing

You can buy if on Amazon for $49.99+.

19. TIJN Light-blocking Glasses

Image source: Amazon

If you spend several hours a day in front of the computer, or on other smart devices, then you should probably invest in a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses. Gaming, working on the computer, and even watching Netflix are all examples of activities that can result in severe blue-light exposure. These glasses will protect your eyes and they also look really cool!

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about these blue-light blocking glasses from TIJN:

“LOVE these!! I plan on buying these again in a different color because I love them so much. I keep them at work and wear them to prevent headaches while staring at the computer all day. I have not gotten a single headache since starting to wear these.” – Amazon Customer

You can find them for $13.99+ on Amazon (available in 12 styles).

20. Affordable Backpack for Your Laptop

Image source: Amazon

With an affordable and comfortable laptop backpack such as this one, you’ll get through airport security effortlessly. Taking your stuff out has never been easier, as this laptop has carefully designed compartments. It is not too large, but it does provide the perfect amount of space and your laptop, books, and lunch will fit perfectly.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about this laptop backpack:

“This backpack is perfect! My laptop, mouse, charger cables and notebook, pens, (all my work stuff for meetings) fits nicely inside. The straps are pretty heavy duty and have good padding. In the smaller second pocket I can put my water bottle, makeup bag, and wallet/keys. The outer small pocket with a zipper is perfect for my work cell and badge.” Coral Smith

You can find it on Amazon for $21.99 (available in 10 colors).

21. Cyber Power Mini Tower with 12 Outlets

Image source: Amazon

This mini tower with 12 outlets is a life-saving gadget if the power goes out. Imagine working for hours on your dream home in The Sims and suddenly losing all the progress due to a power outage. That sounds like a nightmare! But if you have the mini tower, this will never happen.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about the mini tower:

“This thing have saved me multiple times when the power was out at my house. it is very worth every penny even though majority of the casual computer users probably won’t even need it but to me id rather spend 150 dollar than fixing thousands of dollar worth computer!” Denny Ordinary

You can find it in four different styles on Amazon for $129.95+.

22. Hyper X Gaming Headset

Image source: Amazon

If you spend a lot of time on Skype chatting with your loved ones or partaking in online meetings, you need a high-quality headphones set. These headphones are wireless, very light, padded with foam and therefore extremely comfortable.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about the Hyper X wireless headset:

“I bought this for my son who is an avid gamer. The sound quality is really very good and they are well insulated, successfully drowning out the noise of his mother yelling at him! 🙂 The mic quality also seems better than his previous two headsets. The range is very good too.” – DavidC_Surrey

You can find these headphones on Amazon for $78.98.

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