The Pelayos, a family that looted casinos €12 M and were banned to bet now switched to play online

His name is Gonzalo García Pelayo. This man turned upside down some of the most important casinos in the United States and Europe. He studied for years the operation of American roulette and discovered a trick to earn a lot of money. The result is that after many years of looting Casinos with their counting tricks, he was banned to enter the Casinos.

Iván García Pelayo, in addition to accompanying his father, Gonzalo García-Pelayo, in the experience that made them win incredible sums playing roulette, has decided to write a book explaining the tricks: ‘La fabulosa historia de los Pelayos’ (The Fabulous Story of the Pelayos). They both decided to continue his extreme successful playing system but this time on casinos online, an impossible way to be banned using their calculations.

A question of method

It was half a decade ago when García-Pelayo began to speak in the media thanks to his system to achieve something that seemed impossible: to win at roulette in casinos. It could well be said that, with what he calls “mathematical hope”, gambling ceases to be so. The method, in which there is no cheating or cardboard and is explained in detail in the pages of the book, consists of “the analysis of the physical deviations of the roulette, which – provided that the roulette is in conditions – are the same and confirm a tendency of the ball to fall into the number that falls in a much more frequent way than presumably. ”

The authors explain how they used several mathematical calculations based on the roulette defects, “trends” for the Pelayos. To detect them we must resort to the statistical analysis of their behavior, that is the first unknown that the player has to solve. Once the behavior of roulette is known, it is about discovering “the number of times a number [of the 37 that have the roulette] exceeds their expectation”, explains García-Pelayo.

“If in 36 runs he leaves only once, it will not be positive or negative. If it comes out twice, we will have a positive (+1); yes three, two positives (+2). If none comes out, we find a negative (-1) “, based on these calculations, conveniently detailed in an extensive annex that includes numerous illustrations, the family made their bets.

The game is life

“This is an adventure book. I wish it were considered in this way, as the story of a life adventure. The game seems like a metaphor for life “, insists García-Pelayo. This adventure, already in the field work, already in the study, in addition to his children has counted on the collaboration of his nephews.

“To maximize profits, we used to go to the 4 or 5 player casinos that bet 80,000 pesetas (€500)  every 40 minutes. Our numbers came out once in 28, we lost one day out of every four. “Only in the casinos of Madrid, the total amount of the Pelayos” profits is around 200 million pesetas (€12 Million); in those of Andorra, to 50; in those of Lloret de Mar to 27.

After having forbidden him to enter such establishments throughout Spain, the casinos have been forced to admit him again by a court order. “It has been shown that he did not cheat and there was no reason why they would not let me in.” But Gonzalo García-Pelayo has not returned. As the maxim that “nothing is perfect” is still true, which prompted him to start up his roulette betting system, he now prefers to play poker on the Internet. With “favorable hope”, of course.

Later he dedicated himself to poker and also won. Now, from his home in Madrid, his day to day is spent in sports betting, mainly focused on horse racing. He already earns money today, but his goal is to find a method to achieve the same thing he achieved in roulette: discover the key to be lined using a mathematical formula. He spends more than eight hours a day, including weekends.

We went to Gonzalo’s house, located in the Salamanca district of Madrid. He takes us direct to his computer, the operating room of The Pelayos. Connected to the Internet, it uses two programs to follow horse races and gamble. On the one hand, a specific software that facilitates a famous London betting house and that he programs at his whim, refining it every day. On the other, in an Excel it takes the statistics of thousands of equine competitions and that serve to simulate the races.

His focus is on finding a robot that makes bets automatically and that he hardly has to worry about. The patriarch of “Los Pelayos” says he believes that when he finds the vault key he will earn more money than with roulette (he won more than € 12 Million) since this model does not require travel. “The Pelayos” went to Amsterdam or Las Vegas to play in their casinos, which meant paying for accommodation and plane tickets. A horse racing, however, is played from the living room.

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