The 15 most fun dog photos that will make you happy

Here at Intoposts we love dogs. Besides being the best friend of man, many of these dogs give us so much joy with their faces, or in very happy situations.

Then we encourage you to scroll and see the 20 best photos compiled of funny moments where dogs are the protagonists.

1. What a handsome puppy you are …

2. What kitty do we adopt?

3. The best hunting balls

4. A lover of hamburgers

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5. The cutest dream

6. A very canine-romantic kiss

7. The hour of the lesson

8. Exhausted from playing so much

9. He likes to spoil the photos

10. This dog is very admired by cows

11. The Super Heroes

12. Who likes doing housework

13. And this one likes cycling

14. The friend of nature, … and of the grasshoppers.

15. This is a mockery without shame


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