7 must-have fashion items you should be wearing in the upcoming spring-summer 2019 season

The cold, wet, long winter falls hard on almost anyone. But if you are a fabulous fashionista, then you are definitely taking it harder than anyone else. Winter does have its advantages – all those boots, coats, maxi winter jackets etc. But no matter how much layered clothing can be fun for mixing and matching, very soon we all start longing for warmer weather and thinner clothes. With the spring just around the corner, the new spring/summer 2019 collections have arrived and we are revealing the hottest fashion pieces and trends you have to have in your wardrobe.

1. Waterproofs

Spring is the most unstable of all the seasons, so you do not want to be caught off guard when that beautiful sunny morning turns into a showery afternoon.

Very light and easy to carry, there is no reason why they should not also be trendy and eye-catching.

2. Shorts

Introduced last year by who else than the ultimate trendsetters the Kardashians, bike shorts became a mandatory fashion piece in the wardrobes of the trend-followers around the world and they are here to stay.

Only this year in a slightly modified, looser version and various alternatives – micro, knee-length, tailored etc.

3. Animal print

A trend that seems to never go out of style, the patterns are the only ones that are changing with animal print, with one or more being most popular during a particular season.

This spring/summer you can go wild with any of them since it seems that even those most opposed have accepted it.

4. Neon

On all the runways in all the fashion shows preparing the audience for the season ahead, no trend was more present than the neon.

Definitely not for the color sensitives, designers have introduced every shade imaginable in their collections, from signature pieces to full-on outfits. How brave will you feel this upcoming season?

5. Fringe

After the big comeback and the obsession with cowboy boots last autumn, prepare your wardrobes for another Western-inspired trend which you can show off on any part of your outfit – skirts, jackets, handbags and other accessorize.

Present in collections of almost every designer, fringe enters the fashion scene in a big way.

6. Tie-dye

If you were growing up during the ´90s, then you must have worn or have seen others rocking these psychedelic swirls. If you are coming from the later generations, let us introduce you to a re-emerging hippie trend whose appearance in many 2018 collections surprised even the ones that expect anything.

A seemingly second-hand appearance is being elevated to haute-couture by many famous designers.

7. Sneakers 2.0

Sneakers were always the most popular clothing item, especially since activewear became mandatory in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Compatible with everything, shorts, skirts, jeans, long dresses etc. today they got a new makeover and earned a new name – statement sneakers.

Just take a look at all those fashion icons and you can bet each of them has at least one pair in their closet.

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