Technological Innovations That Made The 20th Century

Without any sign of doubt, the twentieth century is remarkable in human history. It saw the birth of many innovations we can’t do without today and a great improvement on some innovations that have been in existence before.
This piece looks into ten of the innovations that made the twentieth-century one not to be forgotten.

Nuclear Power

The discovery of nuclear power was a joy because it grants the opportunity to power without pollution. The rather unfortunate is that it threatens even human existence. Nuclear power has the ability to render a region inhabitable for years if handled improperly.
However, its usefulness cannot be denied. When effectively used, it is a cost-effective power source that can power cities without adverse effects.

The Airplane

The opportunity to travel to places that were initially impossible or really difficult was made possible in the twentieth century. The aeroplane made travel safe and quick. The aeroplane has been argued to be responsible for levelling cities and bringing war to the civilian population, but one can be sure that no invention is perfect.
The aeroplane is a major invention of the twentieth century and its use today cannot be overemphasised.

The Personal Computer

The computer has been around since world war two, but the personal computer didn’t come into full use until the twentieth century. It seems impossible to do without the computer today. We have become so dependent on the personal computer today that one cannot help but ask how generations before us lived without it.

The rocket

The rocket has been in use before the twentieth century, but it wasn’t the big equipment we know today. The Chinese, Greeks and even the Romans have used the rocket for amusement. But in the twentieth century, the rocket became big and controllably providing a means of accessing outer space and as a weapon of war.


The automobile didn’t first come into existence in the twentieth century, it was under development in Europe in the nineteenth century. Once the automobile was in use, it rendered the horse and other means of transportation useless. The invention of the automobile now only made transporting people easy, it also changed the face of world commerce. Goods can now be transported over long distances and faster than the old means of transportation.


The antibiotics greatly reduced the mortality rate. For instance, before the discovery of penicillin in 1928, a person could die from merely picking up any bug at all. But with the presence of several antibiotics that started in the twentieth century, a much longer life span has been possible.

The submarine

The use of submarines didn’t start in the twentieth century; in fact, the first submarine was invented in the 1880s. However, the twentieth century gave birth to the modern submarine. Although it started as an irritating but powerful weapon, it has grown to become an important tool for every first-class Navy in the world.
The submarine is powerful, unlimited in its range and enduring – the nuclear power can be praised for such prowess.

The Television

The television is another invention that made the twentieth century famous. The ability to see visuals and commercials is fascinating. The television is the society’s baby sitter and brings many families together around it. The rather unfortunate thing is that many may not know what to do with their time without the television.

The Internet

The internet is arguably the most important invention of the twentieth century. The computer made the typewriter obsolete, but it took the internet for the computer to fully actualize its potential. While the aeroplane lets you reach to the end of the world in hours, the internet will get you there in seconds. The internet has changed a lot of things in our world and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

The Radio

Many will not appreciate the usefulness of radio today. However, when it first came in the twentieth century, the ability to hear someone several kilometres away without the use of cables and wires was amazing. Today, the use of radio has been reduced but it remains a force to reckon with.

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