Four Unmistakable Body Language Signs Of Attraction

Our bodies are constantly sending messages to the world, whether we want them to or not. That’s because our subconscious mind is hard at work, constantly processing and responding to external situations.

Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to attraction to others. Often we’re “telling” a certain someone we like him or her and don’t even realize we’re doing it.

So what are the most common body language messages we send to someone we like?


Eye contact. No surprise here. Eyes are the mirrors to the soul after all! When you catch someone staring at you from across the room, it’s almost certain that he or she is interested in you. And if you like this person back, you’ll lock eyes with them and a wonderful, electrical exchange takes place.

Conversely, if someone quickly looks away when you catch his or her eyes, that’s more likely a sign that he or she is not interested (or very shy. Read on about the direction of the feet).

The Head Tilt. This is generally done more by women than by men but a head tilt toward one side often says, “I like you.” Why? Because exposing the neck is a sign of vulnerability that one only makes if expressing interest. Combine that with tossing back of the hair? Oh yes…that person is interested!


Body Orientation. Simply put: when we like someone, we want to face him or her straight on as a form of welcome. Our bodies orient in a way to “accept” that person into our space.

Conversely, if a person turns his or her back to you, it’s a sign of disinterest.

There’s also an “in-between” gesture where a person may have one foot facing you and a foot facing outward. This can mean, “I want to talk to you more but I’m still aware of the other people here.” Not totally a negative since it implies a sense of social obligation, not rejection.

Feet positioning. Somebody experts claim that the feet give away more information than the rest of the body. Let’s say someone is shy or conflicted and has trouble “facing” you head-on. Well, subconsciously, they’re feet can’t stop facing you. So the next time you’re unsure if someone is interested in you, check out their feet for a more accurate take.

Remember: body language can mean a lot. By learning how to read the basics, you could save yourself time (and heartache) by reading the cues that others are sending you.

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