Top 5 Developmental Toys You Should Get On Amazon Right Now

A Jungle gym, Monkey bars-slide combo and other physical and educational development toys that are sure to Bring both fun and Learning for your little ones!

1. Sturdy Monkey bars to develop those little muscles (Great for Outdoors AND Indoors)


Amazon Review:”This is the most fantastic playroom purchase ever. My 2 and 5 year old kids were climbing other toys (like their plastic kitchen) and jumping off the couch, and I was at my wit’s end giving timeouts for climbing. The climber arrived, and finally something they are SUPPOSED to climb. No more timeouts! They are obsessed. My 5 year old has gained so much arm strength in the last 2 months doing tricks and pull-ups, and the 2 year old loves to hang and swing from it, and gaining great balance and coordination (under close supervision of course). It is hard to manage more than 2 children around it, though, as they all fight to be on it at the same time (not so safe).”D Mehta

Ages: 18 Months- 6 Years

Price: $114.99

Get It here



2.This adorable interactive learning house that teaches *4* different languages

Amazon Review:“LOVE this Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Home!! This is a large toy that is sturdy, easy to put together, & allows for all sides of play. There is so much to do with this- lights, colors, sounds, it teaches kids about languages, weather, shapes, numbers, ABC’s & so much more. I think the cutest part is the little door that says door open/ door close with sounds, door bell, & front porch light that lights up. It’s a great activity center that encourages learning & play. It’s a little pricey, but it will get alot of use & it would also make a wonderful gift for a birthday, Christmas, or just because. 5 Stars.”– JMK

Ages: 6 Months- 3 Years

Price: $149.99

Available here


3. An Awesome Wonder Lab with actual experiments

Amazon Review:”Bought this for my God daughter’s 4th birthday. She’s gone from ballerina to a Lil’ Ballerina Mad Scientist! She’s super entertained by it and loves all the experiments. She walks around the house wearing her lab coat and goggles saying “Here comes the Scientist!”.
A total hit!!! It was easy to assemble and now she also is using it to make SLIME! More toys like these are needed!!!”

Price: $103.60

Ages: 24 Months- 5 Years

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4. These incredibly versatile Magna-Tiles


Amazon Review :“So any kid that’s ever visited my home, including my own children, absolutely adore these toys. My middle child likes to use them to build unique parking garages for his small cars. My youngest prefers to get use them as props for imaginary play, so she likes to build castles and such. My oldest just likes to see how tall he can build up. I highly recommend buying multiple sets over time as well, as my children’s sharing experience with these with only one box was less than admirable. Positive side note is that these are way more durable than you would imagine as well.”W. Gallagher

Ages: 3 Years and up

Price: $119.99

Get them here


5. The Multi-Matrix Therapeutic Game Blocks that come with **50** Smart Cubes
The Multi-Matrix Therapeutic Game Developmental Blocks with 50 Smart Cubes

Amazon Review: “This is a great game! My son has had vision therapy in the past so I was happy to find this game to reinforce and build on it. The best is he’s willing to do it, that’s usually the hard part. I can already see the improvement. It comes with training videos and we also found more on YouTube. I’m telling other moms because I wish I had learned about this earlier.”-

Ages: 3 and up
Price: 44.95$

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