Top 5 World Best Airlines 2019

Looking to travel in a super comfortable airplane with good hospitality and comfortability? Here is the list of the 2019 world’s best airlines as done by Forbes, and topping the rankings is Asian carrier Singapore Airlines.

1. Singapore Airline


The Singapore airline that was third last year took the number in 2019 position because of its luxurious and comfortable interiors not only in its first class suites and the wealthy business class but also in their economy cabin. The Asian carrier recently introduced two more modern and fuel-efficient fleets Airbus A350s and Boeing 787-10s for their international routes.

In conclusion, the airline has recently launched a newer long distance routes between USA and Singapore making it the number one airline in the world.

2. Air New Zealand


Taking the second place this year. Air New Zealand has been ranked the number one airline for four successive years before 2018. Air New Zealand is mostly known for its innovative in-flight entertainment, comfortability and service offerings.

It has always been a fervent supporter of its homeland and locality. Recently the airliner comes out with new and excellent fleets and features which they are known to for every year.


Just like a wine, the old Australian airliner is getting better and better with years. They have recently come up with fully reclined comfortable seats(flatbed) for their flights (both domestic and international).

In conclusion, opulent long-haul flights from Australia to London and have also been launched which makes them top the charts with the best performance ratings.

4. Qatar

Qatar Airways took the fourth position. However, it is still the best service provider in the world. The airlines have come up with new Q-suite business class suites this year which relatively superb and unmatched. They have the world’s youngest and best fleets for international and local flights.

They focused more on the business class department, they recently launched a technologically advanced A350s. However, need to focus a bit more on their economy class if they wish to attain the apex position.

5. Virgin Australia

Regarded as the second largest airline after Qantas in Australia. The Brisbane based Airliner has the largest fleet in the world. Virgin Australia is mainly included in the list this year because of its new premium economy x and economy class in its fleets.

More, over the business class also offers excellent services making it the second most used airlines in Australia.
Conclusively, if you are flying first class, business or economy, these airlines will surely offer you the best with your travels.

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