Tips for Having the Perfect Date

So, you have met a really hot girl. You worked up the courage to ask her out and she said yes. Asking out a girl is an intimidating thing. If you have surpassed it, well, you tackled the very first hurdle of dating. This definitely means she likes you; now, you have to explore the connection.

The first date is the interview like meeting where you get to know each other. This is the best time to check your compatibility. Despite being the first date, you want to make it the perfect date. So, you have to plan ahead. You don’t want to have a bad and get rejected because of it.

Of course, planning a date might seem easy, but my friend, it is not. There are a lot of things you should consider which restaurant you should pick, does she like sushi or Moroccan cuisine, and so on.


Don’t worry gentlemen, we are here to help you plan the best date. Read on to know how you sweep her off her Manolos and onto your sheets.

Selecting a Location

The hardest thing to do is to decide a place to go. The first date rule you need to keep on your mind is that the place should be closer to her house. This is to make sure you can walk her home. It is advised to reach the location a little earlier than decided.


In case you are driving, and you have to pick her up, you need to follow proper car etiquette. Keep in mind, chivalry is not dead. It will leave a great impression on her that you are a true gentleman.

So, here’s what you should do; wait outside the car to greet her, open and close the door for her.

Pay Attention to Your Dressing

What’s the first thing women notice in men? Of course, it’s how they look. There is no surprise, everyone judges someone based on their looks. This means how you present yourself is crucial. You should be presentable,

meaning you can’t look like a slob. An important thing to keep on your mind is that you should always have a smile and a positive attitude.

Compliment Her

We all know, women spend plenty of time getting ready, looking pretty for the date. They do it for men to notice them. So, it all makes sense to compliment her. Don’t be afraid to tell her she looks beautiful. However, keep in mind that you should not go overboard with the compliments.

It is recommended to give her thoughtful compliments like tell her you like her eyes or smile. This will help you get her attention. It is imperative to praise something other than her looks like the way she speaks or her intelligence.

Walk Her to Her Door

The most gentlemanly thing you can do is walk her to the door. This will express that you care for her and want her to feel safe. In case she invites you inside, don’t get your hopes high. It is important to go with the flow.

Thus, keep these things on your mind next time you are going on a date.

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