Take Family Fun to New Heights

When we think of our childhood we often think of playing board games for hours and hours with our family. We even left the board to take meal breaks and come back again. Unfortunately, in today’s society, we are often alone and playing with random people or a video game that you play against the computer. For those of you that remember Monopoly and the Game of Life,

Board Kings by Jelly Button

is definitely for you. You can play with people you know and have your own little competitions. It can go on for hours just like those Monopoly games you played as a kid. You pick your game piece and your dice, and you are on your way. It is fun to see what happens as your friends take a turn. It combines the excitement of a mobile app with a board game. All of us enjoy playing board games and the anticipation of the “next move”. We all have fond memories of hours of family board games. There have been several mobile board games that are inspired by the popular board games like Monopoly and The Game Of Life but Board Kings is by far the most fun!

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Board Kings is a little bit of strategy and of course, some luck too. Most actions on the board can only be performed on certain spaces, so you may want to stop by the vending machine or the steal space if you don’t roll the number you needed to get that space. And don’t forget the steal space that often comes with a hefty amount of money. You have to be careful though as to not run out of your 35 rolls. That is the max number of rolls you can have banked at any one time. Some good advice is to hit every space on board at least once until you are more familiar with game. This will give you a better strategy using your free rolls.

There is a bit of chance to this game, just like every board game. You roll the dice, you move the spaces, you get some cash—we are all used to that on Park Place in Monopoly. The bit of chance makes it more fun and definitely makes it a great “gang get-together” like the old days.
It is important to understand about coins and moves others can make. Besides stealing coins, other players can destroy your buildings. Most of the tiles you will see featured on the board do not come with bonuses. Once they are stepped on you only get a certain amount of coins. It is recommended to upgrade cheaper tiles first to upgrade to level 2. Don’t wait another minute to try your luck at the new rage in Monopoly:

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Try it with some Facebook friends and then move on to your own board game crew. Keep communications going! And enjoy animation and amazing graphics while you are at it. Play with another couple or just a group of friends. Don’t wait any longer…give it a try by clicking below:

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