Stop Doing these Extremely Rude Things While Shopping

Leaving the shopping cart in the parking lot


When attending an event that requires meeting a lot of new people, bringing a buddy might help. By attending an event with a close friend, you get to introduce him to other people which can be a great conversation started. Partner introductions are among the least intrusive ways to start a conversation and will help you connect with others.

Being tired is understandable, but leaving the shopping cart in the parking lot is lazy. Most of the times, the cart will prevent other drivers from pulling into the parking lot unless they get out of the car and move the cart themselves. Additionally, by leaving the cart, people are creating extra work for the employees who spend their whole day running around and collecting the carts. According to a Treadmill Review survey, more than 70 percent of people responded that leaving the shopping cart in the parking lot is extremely annoying.


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