Signs Your Fling is Actually A Relationship

In today’s day and age – dating is a thing of the past, or better yet, relationship is a thing of the past. So often, we hear about millennials and really people going for flings or just the casual thing. Do you know the signs of when your relationship goes from fling to something more? What if you are looking for something less or aren’t ready to commit?

Here are 5 sure fire signs that show your casual fling has turned into a serious relationship.

You’re finding her things at your place…


It’s Wednesday morning and you are getting ready for the day when you notice an extra toothbrush, you turn around and notice some women’s negligee – you ask yourself, when did she start leaving things behind? Why are they here?

The moment you begin to find items belonging to the person you’ve been “casually” seeing – this is more often than note a sign that your “relationship” is moving towards something more serious. Is this a good thing or bad thing? Well, this really depends on you – are you ready to take the next step? If you are then this may not be such a bad thing; however, if you aren’t then maybe slowing it down with that fling would be a good thing to do…

You’re finding that your fridge is constantly full and equipped


There are some things that just come with being a bachelor – one of those things is that the fridge just never seems to be full; however, when you find yourself in a “relationship” or seeing someone, then you suddenly find yourself coming home to a fully stocked fridge.


One reason for this is that it is a sign of caring – often times, the person will buy food or do the groceries to show that they care – it’s a simple and small gesture, but more importantly, it’s their way of being domestic. The moment you find your fridge fully stocked beyond Red Bulls and liquids, you know that your special someone wants to be more.

You’ve slipped up and called them your “girlfriend/boyfriend” in public and to friend/family

It’s Thanksgiving and you’ve decided to invite your “special” friend over – you’re at the doorway introducing them to your Aunt Myrtle and Uncle Joe and all of a sudden, as you are introducing them to your grandparents you say “girlfriend/boyfriend”.


The Freudian slip…

Sometimes it happens, we spend so much time with them, we share so much of our life and open ourselves to them – it becomes second-nature and almost natural. If you aren’t ready to make that commitment, I’d be careful when making the slip but also to ensure you know what you are looking to accomplish.

It’s no longer “mine” it’s “ours”

Depending on how long you’ve been single, “ours” and “we” might not be in your vocabulary repertoire which is why the moment you start to referring to your fling and the experiences as “ours” and a shared experience then it’s a sure sign you are on the road towards a relationship. It’s not always an easy transition, nor is it one that comes naturally when you’ve been single for years; however, when you know they are right for you, things just fall into place and everything just works.

The transition becomes natural and sharing of your space, your belongings and your life becomes almost a given when you want to turn your fling into a relationship. If, however, you aren’t ready to turn your fling into a relationship, then this is where you begin to pull away and you begin to set boundaries and for some, this can mean cheating or ghosting the person…

You aren’t making plans for the weekend – you are making them for the future…

There are two reasons that partners don’t plan for the weekend – it’s either because they don’t see a future or they see a future and want to plan for that. For some this may seem as too soon if they’ve only been dating for a few weeks or a few months; however, there are times that the universe gives you these unexplainable signs and you know that the person sitting beside you is the person you are meant to be with. For some this is a good thing – but for others, it can lead to rushing relationships and making blinded decisions.

Making decisions for the future isn’t a bad thing – if anything it is a great way to see if you both are on the same level. If you both see the fling turning into a relationship, then planning past the weekend is a good thing; however, if you don’t see past Saturday night – might be a good thing to re-evaluate.

Flings can sometimes be one way of getting over a break-up – it can be a way to determine if you, yourself are ready for a relationship or if you should continue to play the field and see what is out there. The heart is fragile, it can take days, weeks, months and years to recover from heartbreak and so it can be understandable that getting over a past relationship is hard. Remember if you are going to have a fling, don’t play with people’s feelings, or their hearts – remember that at one point, you were there at one point.

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