Schooling Vs Education; What You Were Not Told in School

Schooling and education seem to be alike if you are hearing it for the first time, but I believe you should know they are not the same. Education encompasses a lot more than school, schooling makes you a professional or veteran in one field and education makes you an enthusiast in many fields. Generally, the schooling known is the classroom, student or pupil and classmates setting.

But education is simply learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. lately, we now have homeschooling, a type where parents teach their children at home, whether by themselves or hire someone. According to Wikipedia, about 3.4% of American children are currently having homeschooling.

Education is better for schooling because you won’t be dealing with only one subject matter all your life. As an accountant you won’t only investigate accounts, pay cheques, record some transactions, you have to take your bath, talk and relate with people, drive a car or ride a motorbike and even cook at home. If you know all this, you have learned them and not all were in school.

Education can be anywhere, anytime and by anyone, i.e. anyone can teach you but schooling in school or at home as for homeschooling, by teachers or parents, and according to a curriculum. The funny thing about school is that it is a curriculum, if the teachers go outside it, they may be questioned by the school body.

To succeed at school, you need to be obedient, and whether you’re good or not very much depends on your teachers’ expectations. It ends up becoming an aim of fulfilling other people’s expectations instead of really learning what’s useful for living a happy, healthy and productive life. You don’t have the avenue to be creative or invent new ideas.

You learn theories alone in school and you don’t have the opportunity to apply them but away from school, you can apply anything. Graduate from colleges and universities now have to enroll for internship programs, just to make them more familiar with the system and not the theories.

You can be well educated and still suffer ignorance in some skills. John Walker, the inventor of match sticks in 1824 made the first match stick with a sulfur paste but made a little sale because he refused to patent his invention. He was concerned with the safety of the flame, so billions of dollars in profit was made off of it without him seeing a dime. He was scared and had no knowledge of what he could gain despite his uniqueness amidst his peers.

There are so many people who because of their skill in one field has overridden the labour of others because these people lack knowledge. They did have a little idea of what they need to know and would tread history. You need to be educated, learn a little about what you want to hire someone to do for, know laws read about similar stories and you will be outstanding.

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