If you like to keep up with the latest fashion trends, here are 5 ultimate fashionista Instagram accounts to follow in 2019

As soon as Instagram has emerged as the newest social networking app, it has become the playground of numerous fashion icons, bloggers, trendsetters… Pictures are a powerful tool to share new styles, set new trends, and communicate your philosophy behind the fashion choices you make.

With 800 million people on Instagram, the fashion industry and fashion bloggers have gained a whole new outlet to showcase their work. As a fast-changing industry, it might not be that easy to follow and take note of all the new and upcoming fashion trends. From those followed by millions of people to those making a real impact on women´s lives, we have selected some of the latest popular fashion blogger accounts to keep an eye on in 2019.

1. Eva Chen (@evachen212)


As an intern at Harper´s Bazaar turned fashionista and the first head of Instagram´s fashion partnerships, Eva´s account showcases her daily life accompanied with amazing outfits. From extravagant fur coats to sparkly long dresses, Eva´s account is followed by over 1 million people who take inspiration from her laid back but fashionable style.

2. Lauryn Evarts Bosstick (@theskinnyconfidential)

As a versatile blogger, Lauryn uses multiple media to make her presence in the fashion world known. She hosts an iTunes podcast (The Skinny Confidential) with her partner Michael, gives out beauty advice on her YouTube channel and shows off her pretty in pink chic style to her 830k followers on Instagram. A true versatile fashionista!


3. Andy Torres (@stylescrapbook)

Ever since she fell in love with fashion, Andy wished to share her passion with the rest of the world from her hometown Amsterdam. And that´s what this creative director, digital consultant, and as of late a fashion designer, has been doing ever since she joined IG, inspiring more than 850k followers with her rocking fashion sense.

4. Aimee Song (@songofstyle)

If you want to not only stay on top with the latest fashion trends but also be one step ahead, then you should be definitely be following Aimee´s IG account. This New York Times bestselling author of “Capture Your Style” (with the second novel underway) and the “It” girl of Instagram with more than 5 million followers, Aimee has been approached by exclusive designer brands like Dior, Chanel, Celine, etc. for amazing runway collaborations. This is THE fashion account on IG.

5. Gabrielle Gregg (@gabifresh)

Here is one account that really stands out in the fashion world of Instagram. Gabi is a plus-size fashion model who has been blogging for 11 years now, breaking the norms and making fashion accessible for plus-size women. With her adventurous style, she started her own plus-size apparel for curvy women with Nicolette Mason called Premme as well as a swim line at Swimsuits For All, while at the same time promoting her lingerie line for Playful Promises. An influencer in its true meaning.

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