How to Become Famous with Minimal Effort?

Know the formula to fame and begin your journey to becoming famous.


Do you want to be famous? What does it really take to be famous? Is there a manual to become popular? These are some of the questions that have crossed our mind every time we see a nobody become somebody.

Well, who doesn’t want to be famous? We all want people shouting our names, stopping by to get our autograph, waiting in line to take our pictures, and even follow our style. People will do anything to get fame. Does this really make you popular?


Most people think you should be willing to anything to get known. This is might be true to some extent, but it depends on the type of fame you want to get.
Here, we have a guide for you to get famous without actually doing something worthwhile.

Do Something Really Stupid

The first step is to get the attention of your audience. What is a better way to grab attention then doing something obnoxious? Well, you have to think out of the box and do anything that no one has done. There are no limitations; it can be in any form. From video to a hoax, and vandalism.


For many years, people have been using this formula to become famous. You just have to keep in mind that people have become numb by watching people doing stupid things. So, if you want to really grab their attention, you have to come up with something really big.

Recording is Not Optional

What good will it do to you if you don’t record your stupidity? So, it is crucial to record your act of idiocy properly. This is because it will mark the beginning of your fame. In case you don’t record it, it is better to go back to the little dark cave of obscurity you came from.

Long gone are the days when people read about stupid incidents in a newspaper. Nowadays, they actually want to see people do it. So, record your actions and share in on YouTube. If your stupidity is good enough for them, they will share it.

Just so you know, doing such a stunt might even lead to a fine or an arrest. However, don’t you worry about it, because it will get your name in the newspaper, websites, and news channels. There many websites who will give you free publicity.

Keep in mind, you have to ensure your name is spelled correctly.

Enjoy Your Fame

You did it! Congratulations! You got your fame; however, it is just for a short time period. If you want to make your fame permanent, you need to be planning your next act of stupidity. This is because there is always some stupid around the corner just waiting for the right moment to amuse and shock people with their next level of stupidity.

Therefore, fame is merely a public recognition that you have a degree of mastery to some extent in your profession. Regardless of what you hear, there is no overnight fame. You will have to be creative and do work.


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