Four Reasons to Stop Bathing So Frequently

Most of us do it so habitually, we don’t even realize its dangers. Frequent showering or bathing can be doing our bodies (and our planet) harm. And guess what? It’s simply not that necessary.


No, you don’t want to offend others with body odor. But most of us fear smelling badly much more than we actually do. As a matter of fact, pheromones (that natural sexy scent we emit that attracts others) are washed away when we wash too frequently.

Here are some reasons to think before you jump into a bath or shower on a daily basis. Your body (and our planet) will thank you!


You’re not that dirty. Seriously, unless your job is highly physical or you work out a lot in the gym, you’re not as dirty as you fear. As a matter of fact, your body has its own natural way of cleaning itself. When you do bathe, you don’t have to suds up your entire body with soap; just focus on the underarms, private parts and feet (which can collect more bacteria).

[Remember this: if your skin feels tight after you’re done bathing, you probably over washed the natural oils right out of your skin. Not good.]

Some bacteria on your skin is a good thing! Dermatologists note that a certain level of bacteria on the skin acts as a shield against other harmful bacteria. It also keeps out toxins from shampoos, soaps and perfumes. In short, bacteria can serve as a barrier.


You’re drying out your hair. Try this as an experiment: don’t wash your hair for 3 – 4 days. Many fear their hair will look awful but often, you’ll find your hair has a natural glossy (and not oily) look. Even if you don’t like the way your hair looks after this experiment, its good to give your hair a break from harmful shampoos (if your shampoo contains sulfates, you may be drying out your hair. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners instead).

You’re helping the planet by not bathing so frequently. Water is a commodity and is increasingly short supply. People all over the world need it for their very survival. When you decide to not bathe, you’re showing that you acknowledge water matters. This is also a good reason to keep your showers short and not fill your bathtub all the way with water.

Bathing too frequently has been instilled in us by smart marketers who want us to feel smelly and dirty, even though we aren’t. So give your body and your planet a break. Bathe less. You might look and smell even better.


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