Four Future Technologies That will change the World

In every generation, we’ve always had the futurists. For example, in the mid-50s and 60s, the futurist then pictured flying cars and smart robots featuring in people’s living in the 2000s. Although our life does not currently match this yet, their vision has been somewhat clear as we reside in a world characterized by smartphones and social media websites.

I’ll take you through these fantastic advents that characterize our world today. Hold on tight as I unveil them.

1. Fully Automated Cars

It may sound unbelievable, but there’s a certain degree of self-driving cars around the world. The technology is however not fully automated yet. These smart cars will be able to sense their surroundings, steer clear of obstacles and follow traffic rules without the need for any human intervention.

The advent of smart cars is possible with an overabundance of sensors, cameras, and actuators. Other technologies such as GPS, SONAR, and RADAR embedded in its chassis. We might not wait so long, as forecast already predict their launching on the roads by 2020.

2. 3-D Printed Organs

3-d printing helps create one item at a lower cost co pared to procuring a small number of items for a higher price. It’s incredible at the emergence of the 3-d printers with innumerable possibilities. Its already operational in various sectors, which include design, art, manufacturing, architecture, healthcare, etc.

Imagine a diseased or damaged organ been replaced with 3-d bioprinting is aimed at giving experts been able to print regenerative organs such as the heart, kidney, liver, etc., using the living cells of the designated patient. This technology will end organ shortages and reduce the cost of transplants. However, bioprinting projects are already making heads way as scientists have printed primary tissues, which help bring this dream to life.

3. Delivery Drones

Imaging purchasing a smartphone online and a drone get it delivered to you instead of the delivery personnel. Amazing right? That’s precisely what we’re talking about here.
The possibilities of these drones are without borders. This system is beneficial because of the decreasing costs of drones, which are now accessible to purchase than when they were new in the market. The weighting of delivery packages isn’t a problem as many drones can carry a substantial amount of weight.

The completion of this project will be in a couple of years and will be incorporated by the e-commerce giant. Companies such as Amazon, Domino’s Pizza has shown a keen interest in the idea. Aside from online shopping, delivery drones can come in handy when drugs, food or water has to be delivered to a distressed area.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence involves ‘Deep Learning,’ and allows machines to perform complex functions after processing data inputs for themselves. Irrespective of the number of times we doubt it, Artificial Intelligence is the cornerstone technology that will shape the future.

Using AI, aside creating a smart transportation system which can deliver goods and even transport people, healthcare, etc., virtually all other future inventions will be influenced by it. Moreover, AI can take begin to handle dangerous jobs such as mining, construction or maybe space-shuttle repairs to reduce a loss of life.

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