Five Greatest Footballers who have great love and passion for football

It’s fantastic having these Crystal Palace stars of great and talented footballers featured in one piece.
They aren’t just great footballers but are also crazy about basketball. Their turn out at the recent London NBA fixture between Washington and New York Knicks was incredible. Below is the list of footballers who are great admirers of the 2nd most popular sport in the USA – basketball.

1. Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann, born 21st March 1991, is a French professional footballer who plays as a forward for Atlético Madrid and the French national team. Antoine Griezmann has the eighth-most goals scored for the France national football team

This icon is a huge fan of NBA basketball. He’s also a big fan of Derrick Rose. His love for the former Bulls, Knicks and Cavaliers star is incredible. He had to interrupt Paul Pogba’s interview after France won Croatia in the World Cup final to mutter, “I love Derrick Rose” before he blew a kiss.

2. Thierry Henry

Thierry Daniel Henry, a forward, is a prominent San Antonio Spurs fan when it comes to basketball and he’s good with friends with Tony Parker. He’s also a French professional football coach and former player who was most recently the manager of Ligue 1 club Monaco. Born 17th Aug 1997, he ranks third among English football first tier top scorers by titles.

Although Gooners might not be pleased with their icon, Thierry Henry being related to anything ‘porchy’, Thierry and Tony are both French professional footballers and, with the former being one of San Antonio’s best-ever players, he has gained both the support and love of one of his country’s most prominent names in sports.

3. Thibaut Courtois

Goalkeeper for Real Madrid, Thibaut Courtois, a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Belgium national team, probably find some distraction in the world of basketball.

He’s 26, and famous admirer of the NBA and basketball in general. His love for basketball made him lose out a Premier League match against Man U last year. This was after getting injured during a promotional basketball shoot for the Londoners.

4. Paul Pogba

Paul Labile Pogba, Manchester United star is also a great fan of the NBA and also plays basketball. His love was as much as the club had to order him to end his physical involvement.

Born March 15, 1993, the French professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the French national team showed his support and dedication for the Houston Rockets during this season’s NBA Playoffs. He even proceeded to post a picture of himself watching the American outfit’s game.

5. Mamadou Sakho

Mamadou Sakho is a French professional footballer, and former Liverpool defender is a huge NBA fan and even revealed that LeBron James is his favorite player.

He is known for his ability to tackling and his passing accuracy, The Crystal Palace star also has some interest for the Philadelphia 76ers as he has been spotted at one of their games.

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