Even Politicians Have Been Caught Playing This Addictive Online Game

You might like to think that our top lawmakers are focusing their full attention on important meetings, but with addictive games to play on their smart phones, like Slotomania, distractions are becoming more common. From senators, to presidential nominees, to prime ministers of foreign countries, top politicians are being noticed playing this exciting game to pass the time during hearings and meetings.

Although politics is often referred to as a “game,” it can be a far less exciting one during long meetings and hearings. More often than ever, lawmakers are caught with a cell phone in their lap, engaged in some side play, like online slots. When caught, most politicians are laughing it off, with cheeky tweets about trying to stay awake or that the meetings can become a bit boring.

Although some find this behavior disrespectful, it can be difficult to put down the phone and listen with rapt attention to seemingly endless rhetoric and debate. Having a little fun on the side usually doesn’t hurt, and Slotomania offers a popular and pretty harmless distraction from getting sleepy or simple daydreaming about other things during these meetings. Most may just enjoy the game during breaks between long meetings, but some open the app right during important speeches or debates, often joking that they are “multitasking” and capable of listening while they are entertained by something more interesting.


Despite the big issues and major divides between parties, Slotomania appeals to people with any political leanings, making it one of the few things that may unite a divided government. It’s no surprise that this fun and engaging app, offering terrific jackpots and free spins, can attract members of all political parties.

Although the politicians tend to keep their jackpots quiet and not brag too much about how much they are winning, there seems to be no slowing down when it comes to using the phones to maintain their attention. It’s been no secret that politicians are communicating with others outside of the meetings, tweeting or participating in other social media encounters, and checking their email or leaking information, so the idea of using a harmless game, where they are earning “jackpots” of online credits (not even wining or losing real money), is something to be celebrated.

In a world filled with stress and division, having a fun distraction like Slotomania can be a welcome sight in the meeting rooms. And Slotomania is pretty hard to resist, regardless of who you are and what your responsibilities at the moment might be!

**UPDATE: After reading this article Slotomania has made a special deal with us to extend the offer and give Free Spins to our loyal readers who install their app. To get the Free Spins, click the button below and install the app!


“This is an advertorial and not actual news. This product is intended for use by those 24 or older for amusement purposes only.
Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.”

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