Clean Eating Recipes and Meal Plans

Clean eating is m act of consuming a diet that mainly contains natural foods. In other words, people who practice this act eat whole foods in their most natural forms and completely avoid taking processed or industrially modified foods. Depending on the type being practiced, some people also available taking dairy products, gluten, grains and mainly encourage the consumption of raw food. These meal plans are usually very diverse and carefully planned in order to include as much healthy food as possible. In this article, we would be considering clean eating recipes and meal plans for a period of some days.

Day 1

For the first day, here is a list of foods which you can include:
For breakfast, Peanut Butter-Banana Cinnamon Toast (1 serving of this is sufficient) (290 calories)
Since you are purchasing peanut butter, you need to make sure that the one you are buying does not contain trans-fat and added sugars. Therefore, you would need to about brands that are well-known for including these in their peanut butter. By doing this, you get to pick only the best, healthy stuff.
For snacks in between breakfast and lunch, you could take half a cup of raspberries which is only 32 calories.
For lunch, four cups of white bean and veggie salad would do the trick. This is about 360 calories and is just great for lunch.
For dinner, you could have one serving of Pork Chops and Garlicky Broccoli which is about a total of 543 calories.
In summary, the entire diet for the day consists of 1,225 calories, 102 g of carbohydrates, 1,175 mg of Sodium, 54 g of Protein, and 71 g of fats.


Day 2

For the second day, you could begin with some cereal:
For breakfast, 1/2 cup rolled oats well cooked in 1 cup milk (257 calories). To prepare this, chop one medium plum and add it to the oats after cooking alongside a pinch of cinnamon.
To snack, you could have one medium pear which is about 101 calories just between breakfast and lunch.
For lunch, 1 serving of veggie and hummus sandwich is bound to do the trick and this is about only 325 calories.
If you want to snack, 1 medium-sized orange of about 62 calories is great for consumption.
For dinner, 1 serving of cauliflower rice-stuffed peppers and 2 cups of mixed greens dressed with 1 tablespoon of citrus vinaigrette does the magic. If there any portion of the citrus vinaigrette left, you could make use of it the next time you want to eat this.
In total, you would have consumed 1,203 calories, 31 g of fiber, 1,120 mg of Sodium, 49 g of fat, and 146 g of carbohydrates at the end of the day.

These are just two diets for the first two days that you might want to try it out. After having some of these, if you find it to your liking, you could go on to completely overhaul your feeding routine to eat clean.


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