Career vs Job: Following Your Passion

There is a very clear difference between a career and a job. Most people are pretty passionate about some stuff and may have something that they would love to do in mind however, they get caught up most of the time. Basically, everybody’s passion should be the line along which the following. This is because it actually offers a lot of fulfillment and satisfaction. They usually have this in mind until they are swamped by a job just because they want to earn a paycheck. While this is okay in itself, one factor remains which is that of unfulfilled dreams.

Basically, s career comes with a natural progression. This implies building your skills and getting so much better at what you do so that you get promotions frequently. While a job might cover the bills and leave you with something small left over, you might not necessarily enjoy doing it as much as you would want to. Similarly, you might not be very encouraged to learn new skills that you would have as a part of your career. Generally, you get a feeling of being stuck and unable to free yourself from some of the roles that you have to assume at your job or the duties that you have to do.


For a career, your sole goal is not to just make money. You should also be able to Garner experience and learn new skills, develop handy connections and ensure that you are rightly positioned in your organic for whatever is coming to your direction. These may include promotions, new job offers that may be a lot more mouthwatering than your present offering, a new raise or a new office. All these are things that you can consciously position yourself for within a career-oriented organization where you have legitimate long term plans and you are ready to do the work it entails.

If you are presently not doing what you love, then it is completely no reason for you to let it swallow you up. You need to be ready to out in the fight and the struggle required to come out of it; you could simply consider it a means to an end – the end being the career. While you are still at your job, you need to display an exemplary high level of commitment such that your recommendation list would be increasing exponentially. This is about one of the most effective introductions that there could be. Being introduced by the man who owns a conglomerate to another whose company does your dream job.

This implies that no matter what it is that you are doing, you still need to be best at what you do because it would serve as a reference point for you. Irrespective of how simple your task might be, the most important factor is that you carried it out till the end and that you served diligently. This, therefore, gives you but a physical and on-paper experience that you need and also helps you develop human relations.

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