Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

Watch the best shows on Netflix, from classics to your friend’s current favorites.


Have you ever felt like your life is over after finishing a good series? Is there a void that you need to fill? We often find ourselves in situations like these. After finishing a series that we have been watching for weeks or months, we lay on the couch clueless and purposeless thinking what should we watch next.

The best way to fill the void is by going to Netflix. This is because it offers the perfect mix of current, classic, and original programming. Without a doubt, Netflix has a boatload of excellent TV series for you to delve into that will keep you busy for weeks. Since there are a plethora of shows to watch and choosing a good series can be quite tricky and challenging.


This is where we come in, we are here to save you from the hunt for the right title. We have mentioned the best TV series you can watch on Netflix right now.

The Haunting of Hill House

It is one of the most addictive shows on Netflix. This show has a character-driven story that explores the psychological problems of the characters. On one ominous night, Hugh takes all of his children with him away from the Hill House, leaving their mother, Olivia behind.


Olivia dies that night and her death is considered suicide. The story focuses on how all the 5 children are dealing with the trauma. The siblings are hardly on speaking terms, but a tragedy brings them together and back to the Hill House.

Every child has their own personal demon along with real ghosts after the Crains. This show has the best blend of family drama with intense scares.

Breaking Bad

One of the iconic shows on Netflix is Breaking Bad. This series shows the journey of Walter White from honest high-school chemistry teacher to a drug lord. Walter is diagnosed with last-stage lung cancer wants to secure the future of his kids before dying.

With the background in Chemistry, he cooks and deals blue meth. He has a partner to help him cook and sell meth, Jesse Pinkman. The show is about family issues and moral consequences. This is an addictive show just like the meth produced by both White and Pinkman.


Friends is the best shows of all times and the most rewatchable show that has been ever made. Back in the day, it was a revolutionary show. This is because sitcoms were mostly about workplace and families. However, Friends shows how 6 friends in their twenties move towards adulthood.

Everything about this show is best, from comedy to chemistry and character evolution. The jokes in the shows were written 20 years ago, they hold up well in today’s world. What makes this show the best TV series is the characters.

Therefore, get your snacks ready and prepare to watch these amazing shows that you will enjoy for months.


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