Best Movies for Kids to Watch

Are you looking for the best kids’ movies to watch on the next family night? There is a wide range of movies for kids that your family will enjoy. Some movies are just for entertaining purposes while some are packed with role models and positive message as well. Such movies are perfect for movie night as it provides a great impact on the family.
In this post, we have listed the best movies for kids to watch. Have a look!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Definitely, Harry Potter must be on the top of the list. This is the perfect way to take your children into the magical world that is filled with adventure and fantasy. The story revolves around a kid who learns he is a wizard and leaves the family he has been living with behind.


He goes to the school for Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he meets new friends.

The Lion King

Without any doubt, The Lion King is the best movie for kids to watch. Though it is a heartbreaking tale, it is packed with fun. This movie has a heartwarming story about a young lion, Simba who should save his pride from his uncle Scar.


With help from his best friends, Timon and Pumbaa, he is capable of solving the biggest problem of this life.

Home Alone

The dream of every kid, well, some of the kids is to be home alone. The MacAllisters are excited about their vacation; however, there is one issue, Kevin. This kid is left at home when the whole family is away enjoying their holiday.

Home alone, Kevin haves the control over the house, watches inappropriate movies and indulges in sweet treats. The problem starts when two burglars have their eyes on their house. Luckily, the burglars are not very clever.

Finding Nemo

Every parent wants to keep their kids safe. Some might become overprotective parents just like clownfish Marlin. Just like normal kids, Nemo is bold and breaks his dad’s rules. Of course, he goes missing and Marlin starts an epic journey of getting his son back.

During this journey of finding his son, he meets some of the most interesting characters including a Regal Blue Tang fish, Dory.

Despicable Me

This movie will definitely make you fall in love with unicorns. Gru, a villain and wicked schemer is planning to steal the moon with the help of his yellow friends, minions. All is going well until three little girls come into his life. He gets used to being called Dad.

This movie is packed with fun and exciting story of how these girls will have an impact on this intergalactic takeover.

In the end, these are some of the movies that will not only make your family movie night fun but also teach your kids a special lesson. Whether you are looking for princess tales, animated animals or classical musicals, these movies will make sure you enjoy the movie night.

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