Beautiful Table Setting Ideas for Spring

With spring comes cheerful gatherings, lighter jackets, bright colors, leafy accents, and of course, fresh flowers. In springtime, everything comes to life. It is the time of the year when fresh and light meals become a part of our menu.

Mostly, people welcome the new season with fresh and lively decorations. One of the best ways to welcome spring is by leaving the wintry accessories behind and having a table setting with vibrant colors.

Here are some great ideas for a table setting that will refresh the décor in your house.


One of the most crucial things is the foundation, the tablecloth. You have to make sure the tablecloth is in accordance with the theme and mood you want to set for the party. For instance, you want to throw a casual spring event, going for white lace tablecloth is the best option. For a cool and fancy gathering, go for embroidered or printed tablecloth. Moreover, you can even place a simple pastel colored table runner that will bring an extra seasonal look.

Mix n Match

When it comes to table settings, you need to keep in mind that one size doesn’t fit all. It is advised to avoid plenty of tiny things. Instead, you must have a blend of different sizes; mix up the scale. For instance, you can complement the hydrangea flower head with tall and small candlesticks.

Color Scheme

As far as the color scheme is concerned, don’t limit your color selection. It is recommended to take advantage of a wide range of colors that are available in the spring. You should go with white color for linens and add a single colored flower.

In case you are using colored candles, it is advised to use a mix of dark and light colors. This is to ensure they it complements flower rather than competing with it. Hence, it is best to use a bright color to bring a fresh appeal to your décor.

Unarranged Flowers

Another great tip for having a beautiful table setting is to add flowers. Many people spend a couple of hours arranging the flowers. However, it should not be a complex or intimidating process. What you can do to impress your guests is to choose three flowers in different colors and shapes.

For this, you can cut the stems of the flowers so it will be two inches above the container. Remove all the leaves and bound the flowers tightly.

A Bottom Line

Therefore, you need to keep in mind that when it comes to the fascinating table setting, comfort is more important than perfection. In today’s world, the table setting is about ease of use. There is nothing wrong with fresh cut flowers and a few candles. It is recommended to avoid using heavily scented candles. Your focus should be on the scrumptious meal you prepared and enjoying the wonderful company you have.

So, try these table settings ideas and create a great impression on your guests.

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