Are you in danger of an exercise burnout? Here are 5 signs you are working out too much

We all know that getting enough exercise is the cornerstone of maintaining superb health and feeling good in our own skins. Apart from physical well-being, regular exercise contributes to our mental and emotional well-being as well.


But can we get too much exercise? The answer is absolutely, we can get too much even of the best things. And too much exercise can have serious negative effects. If you are not sure if you are overdoing it, here are the signs to pay attention to.

1. You are starting to get injured


This is the number one sign that you are over-exercising. If you are frequently feeling pain, you are pushing your body too much, which can lead to serious injuries. Without enough rest days in between your workouts, your body does not have the necessary time to heal, making you more prone to injury.

2. You are feeling tired all the time


One of the benefits of exercise is feeling more energized and active on daily basis. If what is happening is quite the opposite, then you are pushing yourself too hard. A good workout should leave you feeling physically tired but just for a short while. If you are not succeeding in getting enough rest, think about cutting back on your workouts.

3. You are feeling moody

Just as much physical activity can positively affect your mental state, too much of it can leave you feeling anxious, irritable, and even cause depression. When you are over-trained, your body releases stress hormones you normally experience under emotionally stressful situations. These negatively affect your mood and you can experience mood swings and become much more irritable.

4. Your performance is stagnating or even declining

As soon as you start working out regularly and for some time after, you will undoubtedly experience progress. This might motivate you to workout harder, which can turn into obsession and ultimately lead to muscle breakdown. Even if you do not get injured, this will decrease your performance and prevent you from improving further, even though you keep exercising regularly. As much as your body needs physical activity, it needs rest more so make sure to introduce enough rest days so your body and mind can regenerate and prepare you for your next workout.

5. You are getting more sick than usual

Increased physical activity is beneficial for the immune system, which is why many people dealing with various health issues always get medical advice to start working out. But if you are pushing yourself too hard in the gym, or you are running too much, you can find yourself getting sick much more often, because intense exercise can weaken your immunity. To make it even more serious, chronic inflammation can lead to serious diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc. So reward your body with much-needed rest after each workout to avoid any negative side effects.


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