8 Most Amazing Beaches In The World

Vacation on the beach is an awesome experience, with the sun gently tanning your skin. You can take a stroll around the beach, play beach soccer/volleyball, build sand castle or you can choose to relax. There’s always a beach for everyone to love.

Below are the few beautiful beaches we have selected around the globe.

1. Trunk Bay, US Virgin Islands

The beach was donated to the government by the National Park Service over a long period of time. The beach still remains one of the best preserved beaches in the world. The beach has over 205 metre underwater snorkelling trail, crsytal clear water, silky sands and beautiful sea creatures.

Seeing they say is believing take a trip to the Trunk Bay for a wonderful experience

2. Hidden beach Mexico

As it name implies , it is an hidden haven from the outside world. The beach has lots of hidden water tunnels that takes hours to explore.

The beach can only be reached by a boat. The beach is located in a cave with an opening on the roof that allows sunlight reflect into the cave. Report has it that the opening on top of the cave was made when the mexican military forces were practicing bombing during the world war 1.

3. Hyams Beach Australia

The Hyams beach in australia has the whittest sand ever seen by man. The sands and water are crystal clear, it is a perfect spot for relaxation.

It is located on the south coast of new south wales.

4. Playa Paraiso, Mexico

The Playa Paraiso has a wonderful teal water, pure white sands and lots of coral reefs that brightens the beach always. There is also a getway close to the beach for both relaxation,

snorkelling or scuba dining. It enjoys 290 days of sunshine yearly, with an average temperature of 20°C, and water at 21°C, so its a perfect and confortable weather.

5. Baia Dos Porcos , Brazil

The Baia Dos Porcos beach is a stunning beauty of nature. The water is turquoise blue and lots of sea creatures littered around the beach.

It is also called the Bay of Pigs because of the small rock formations scattered around the beach.

6. Navagio Beach, Greece

The beach has a blue clear water and golden cliffs. The famous wreckage of the freightliner MV Panagiotis can also be seen on the beach.

It is a perfect picturesque beach. Tourist come to take a picture with the famous shipwreck, called Panagiotis. It’s an amazing beautiful beach with white cliffs and sand that compliments the blue beach.

7. Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

TheThe Pink sands Beach is made up of over five kilometres coastline. The sand is not literally pink like most images makes it look.

The beach is made up of coral reef and other sea creatures. The beach is made up of pastel pink sand which makes it a beautiful scene of nature.

8. Anze Lazio, Seychelles

Anze Lazio, Seychelles, also known as the white sand beach, it has an emerald waters, and a jungle is a pure haven.

Coconut palm trees surrounds the beach, the water is crystal clear , with soft golden sands. These makes it one of the most beautiful beach in the world.

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