7 Ways To Get Your Ex Back

Breakups are sometimes very emotional and hard to deal with. Getting back your ex is now a piece of cake if you follow all our steps and guidelines listed below.


1. Get a ME time


The first thing that comes to your mind after a break is to cut some slack with your ex, no matter how much you wish to be with him/her. You might be furious, angry, confused and sad after a breakup, this is the more reason why you need to cut a slack and spend some me time.

If you come across your ex you should still be polite as you can even though you are no longer with them. The me time you are getting makes you see what you’ve done wrong in the relationship and what you need to work on to be a better partner.

2. Make your self happy


You are the one responsible for your happiness and no one else can make you happy if you chose not to be happy.

Relationship sometimes suffer a hit when we depend somuch on each other. Some couples think maybe their partner will be able to give them happiness and when the partner couldn’t make them happy they quit the relationship. You have to work on making yourself happy before you can make someone else happy.

3. Sit back and look into why things ended

Ask yourself Where did I go wrong? why did things ended? What did I do wrong? Some relationship went south with the partners knowing what they did wrong, while some went south with the partners not knowing what went wrong only after they decided to find out themselves.

Don’t be too forward to asking your ex what you did wrong. You should take your time to find out by yourself what you did wrong . The two main reasons why relationship ends are lack of respect for each other and lack of proper communication.

Probably you didn’t prioritise each other or you were too dependent on each other. These are some of the reasons relationship sometimes ends.

4. Always have a plan

When you plan on going back into a relationship that previously ended. It is best you set some boundaries and goals as to why you want to go back into the relationship.
You should ask yourself the questions what is the goal I want to achieve by going back into this relationship? What do I want to avoid if I get back with my ex?

Be sure you and your partner are getting back together to plan a future together and are on the same page about the relationship. I also strongly advice that you take things slowly when getting back into a relationship that just ended.

5. Don’t repeat the same mistake

If you were able to get back together with your ex, and you are still repeating the same mistake, that crashed your previous relationship that means you’ve not learnt any lessons
It is important to know what you did wrong to crash your previous relationship and prevent them. Old habits they say die hard, if you are really interested in the relationship that you’ve got to put in all you’ve got.

Some of the mistakes can be lack of communication, not prioritising each other, not respecting each other.

6. Get his or her attention again

You might wish to be contacting your ex regularly, which is a bad idea. If you are always calling and texting him at any slight opportunity. Then he or she knows that they can come back into your life when are they feel like as you can’t move on without them.

Give him/her space, then he/her will notice you are not around anymore and misses you. This leaves your ex wondering what are you upto.

If your ex plan a meeting with you, don’t rush into giving an affirmative response. Be as calm as you can and don’t make it look as if you’ve been waiting for the call all this while.
When you finally oblige to having the meeting, leave them wanting to know more about you since the breakup.

7. Make your Ex Jealous.

This trick doesn’t work on all individuals. Some ex can be over jealous while some are not the jealous type and doesn’t really care what you do with opposite sex around them.
When you ex are jealous this is a typical sign that he/she is still interested in you.

You can bring a date with you when attending a friend’s part or even a cute friend just to catch their attention and make them jealous.

You can also post pictures of you hanging out with another person on social media just to make your ex jealous. This ignites interest in your ex to fight for your love if they are still interested in you.

You can post happy moments of you on social media without having other people around, just to show them you are doing good oKay and happy.


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