7 Clever Space-Saving Solutions for your Home

7 life-changing hacks that will help you save space and make your home feel less crowded. Owning small containers and hanging your kitchen utensils will help you save up a lot of space in the kitchen while investing in beautiful baskets and boxes, opting for custom-build furniture, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves will declutter your bedroom and your living room.

If you are living in a big and crowded city, chances are your home is not very spacious. You probably feel like there simply isn’t enough space in your apartment, especially if you own a lot of furniture, decorations, and other commodities. Small spaces have become a very common issue among the younger generations, so why not learn how to make the most out of your home?

Here are 7 insanely clever space-saving ideas for your home:


1. Hang things on the walls

If you are looking for a new way to save some space, try mounting containers and small boxes on the walls. You will be able to store different items in them, while also adding a nice element of design to the overall aesthetic of your home. You can also mount hooks to the walls and hang clothes, hats, umbrellas, handbags, and even cooking supplies. Investing in fancy kitchen utensils and hanging them on your kitchen walls will make your home look awesome.

2. Own small but useful items


If you are living in a small apartment, you probably have a small kitchen as well. A very good space-saving hack is using a lot of small but very useful utensils and containers like plastic or glass jars, tension rods, shelves, racks, etc. If you have a small kitchen but have a lot of space in another room, consider moving your refrigerator in order to free up some extra space in the kitchen.

3. Invest in beautiful boxes and baskets

You can think of boxes and baskets as magical containers that will allow you to own a lot of things while also living in a small space. Stackable boxes are great for shoes and clothes and allow you to have a more organized wardrobe. Place cute baskets on top of your kitchen cabinets or stick them under any console or table, wherever there’s some free space and they wouldn’t get in the way.

4. Replace your old furniture with custom furniture

If you own a lot of old furniture that doesn’t fit your apartment, you should consider investing in custom-built furniture that actually fits. You can even find watch DIY tutorials and learn how to build narrow furniture that will fit all your nooks and crannies like a glove. Custom furniture can also be very versatile; you can find folding beds, stackable chairs, or modular sofas.

5. Replace your old bed with a bed with storage underneath

When it comes to saving up space, beds with drawers are a very interesting choice. These beds allow you to store different things in a space that is usually unused. You can store linens, clothing, blankets, pillows, and all sorts of other things that you don’t use on a daily basis, right your bed. Furthermore, keeping your linens in these drawers will also protect them from getting dusty.

6. Choose floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

If you have a lot of books and a spare wall, a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf would be the perfect solution. If you don’t have a spare wall, you can mount a tall bookshelf around your doorframe.

7. Use foldable tables and chairs

This space-saving hack is great, especially if you like to throw parties and to have many guests. Multi-purpose foldable tables allow you to have more free space when you’re not dining, which makes them a perfect investment for small homes.

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