6 Things Found in Hotel Rooms that Are Dirtier than You Thought

If you thought that bed sheets are the grossest things that you can find in a hotel room, think again. Truth is bed sheets are actually washed regularly, while these 6 objects might have never seen a drop of detergent.

1. The bedspreads – When you are traveling, it’s not uncommon to get to your hotel room feeling exhausted. Therefore, it is quite natural to throw yourself on the bed as soon as you get to your room. The bad news is, more often than not, the bedspreads haven’t been cleaned properly in a very long time. According to this article published by Time magazine, the best thing to do is to fold the bedspread and put it away before we sit on the bed.


2. The throw pillows – Decorative pillows are popular decorations found in most hotel rooms. They might seem innocent, but in reality, they might be filled with germs. Because people like to sit on the bed before removing the bedspreads and throw pillows before taking a shower, these objects will quickly become dirty. And that would not be an issue if the throw pillows would get cleaned regularly, but unfortunately, they don’t always do.

3. The sofa – If the throw pillows and the bedspreads don’t get cleaned very often neither is the sofa’s upholstery. Before sitting on the sofa in your underwear, think of all the guests that have thrown their luggage and their outdoor clothes atop of it. Without being cleaned regularly, the sofas in hotel rooms accumulate grime and dirt. As off-putting as it may seem, this is normal, as there’s only so much cleanliness that a hotel can provide.


4. The glassware – Before using the glasses that are usually placed on top of the minibar or on the table, make sure you wash them or disinfect them. Housekeeping carts are not always equipped with dish soap. Therefore, the housekeepers are sometimes forced to clean the glassware using whatever comes at hand. Even if some of the objects found in your hotel room are not exactly clean, make sure you don’t avoid traveling for this reason. Here are 4 important benefits of traveling around the world.

5. The remote control – Remote controls found in hotel rooms can be tricky to clean and housekeepers are often way too busy and cannot spend too much time disinfecting every single thing. Do you clean your own remote control daily? You probably don’t. So don’t be surprised if the TV remote in hotel rooms is one of the dirtiest objects in the world. The best thing that you can do is to always have disinfecting wipes at hand in case you get too grossed out to use the remote.

6. The shower curtains – According to an article published on the BuzzFeed Website, shower curtains were cleaned once a month in a three-star hotel. Shower curtains are always damp they are especially prone to becoming moldy. Therefore, we would expect the hotel staff to clean them as often as they clean the shower and the toilet. If you want to avoid using the shower, here are four compelling reasons to shower less frequently.

Although most objects found in hotel rooms are dirtier than we would normally expect, there is no reason to panic. Germs and bacteria are present everywhere and we cannot avoid touching every single surface out there. If you are worried that your hotel room isn’t clean enough, make sure you ask the staff about their cleaning protocols as soon as possible.

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