Top 5 celebrity Friends Feud

Celebrity rivalries is a huge part of Hollywood, whether it’s backstabbing, or social-media hating, ego drafting, man-stealing, some of the dissension between these stars have been explosive and very public. Here are the top five unexpected feuds between celebrities that are best friends.

#1. The Friends: Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian


The Beef: This went back to when Paris Hilton was top of the reality TV shows, and Kim Kardashian was living a simple Life. But the system changed in 2009, when Kim’s sex tape leaked, KUWK s premiered, and Kardashian became a heavily searched name on Google overtaking Hilton on the chain.

The Aftermath: Hilton became tensed, and throws insults at Kardashian before going oblivion. In an interview, Hilton claimed Kim’s butt “reminds [her] of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.” Also, she walked out on a good morning interview asking about Kim from her.
In 2014, the friends seemed to retire their feuding days in a friendly Instagram.

#2. The Friends: Jay-Z & Kanye West


The Beef: The beef was so epic that it got documented by Channel 4. Kanye reportedly felt Jay-Z abandoned him emotionally after his wife (Kim Kardashian) gunpoint mugging in Paris.
Hence, this made Mr. West call out his former best friend on stage during one of his shows stating. “Jay Z never cared about him, nor his family by not coming to his house to check on him after the robbery. Not long after the rant, Mr. West checked into the hospital for mental health.

The Aftermath: Jay Z on an interview cautioned Mr west never to bring his family into their issue and also On Jay-Z’s 2017 album, 4:44, the rapper called Mr west insane
Although things seem to have died down, we hardly hear words from both friends

#3. The Friends: Katy Perry & Taylor Swift

The Beef: Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were best friends from 2009 till 2011, and they love complimenting each-other on social media, where Swift posted things like, “@katyperry knows how to throw a birthday party” and wishing her a Happy Birthday, in the process
Even though both Taylor and Katy dated John Mayer, their beef had nothing to do with their mutual ex-lover. Back in 2014, in an interview with Rolling Stone Taylor claimed the beef was purely professional and had nothing to do with their mutual ex.

In 2012, the beef escalated when three of Katty’s tour dancers signed for Taylor’s Red Tour. And then in early 2013, they left Swift’s tour early to support Perry’s Prism World Tour. When Swift got to know about it, she furiously removed the defecting dancers from her tour and unfollowed them on their social media platforms.

The Aftermath: Swift’s song released “Bad Blood.” and during an interview with Rolling Stone, she claimed her friendship with an “unnamed female artist” inspired the song” She said dancer debacle turned the singers into “straight-up enemies.”
The day after the article ran, Katty tweeted, “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.

#4. The Friends: The late, great George Michael and Elton John

The Beef: The pop stars were best friends, but their friendship soon turns sour with a few unpleasant widespread statements. 2004, John questioned Michael’s homebody habits and said “He’s a waste of talent for being indoors always. He also claimed Michael’s latest album was full of sadness and an unhappy lifestyle, as reflected on the record.
This got Michael angry. Therefore, He wrote a public letter which says in one of the statement says, “Elton knows nothing about Michael.”

The Aftermath: In 2006, John settled the beef in an interview on ITV, He said, “Michael and I are fine. He came to check me up at my house last year.”

#5. The Friends: Rihanna and Katy Perry

The Beef: Rihanna and Katy Perry were always referred to as “sisters before misters.” For years, paparazzi photographed them at all sorts of events attended by both, always gushing about each other to the press. But Perry reportedly kept distance when Rihanna went back to her, Chris Brown.
When Katy was bashed for dating John Mayer after her divorce from Russell Brand, Rihanna threw a shade of hers, and she said “Katy Perry can date anyone she wants. I could never give relationship advice to anybody.”

The Aftermath: Both parties stop talking to each other but recently it seems the beef had been squashed. Recently, Katy named RiRi as one of her dream judges for American Idol.

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