5 Bizarre Marriage Rituals You Won’t Believe Exist

Variety is the spies of life. So does the famous saying goes? You might think everyone throws a big party when its time for their wedding ceremony. Well, different cultures have different practices.

Below is the list of some of these practices.

1. Shooting the bride, China

It’s always an exciting experience in the Yugur culture In China when grooms usually shoot their brides to be with a bow and arrow about three times.

After the shooting of the arrow, the groom breaks the arrows. This is to ensure they stay in love forever.

2. Fat farms, Mauritania

Young girls between ages five and 15 In Mauritania usually sent to “fat farms” before their wedding add some weight. She is sometimes spoon fed to ensure the purpose is achieved.

It is always believed that if she had stomach rolls, overlapping thighs or stretch marks, it means the groom was wealthy enough to keep her satisfied.

3. Blackening of the bride, Scotland

Ahead of the wedding day, Scottish to-be-brides are taken aback by their close associates. They are usually stoned with all sorts of things like bad milk, spoilt food, wet flour, dead fish, tar and feathers.

After which the bride is tied to a tree. It is firmly believed that by withstanding this treatment, she will be able to handle anything her marriage brings.

4. Marrying a tree, India

Before the main day, In some areas in India; it is believed that some women born as Mangliks (an accident astrological combination of Mars and Saturn both under the 7th house), are regarded as been “cursed.” Such women are also thought to cause their husband an early death.

To counter this, they first marry them off to a tree, then the tree is cut down. The cutting down of the tree signifies that the curse is broken.
The woman can then proceed to have her normal wedding.

5. Drinking from the toilet, France

In France, newlyweds are forced to drink leftovers from their wedding out of a toilet bowl.

In recent times, the practice has changed to the use of chocolate and champagne. These are used as a substitute. But they are still served out of a toilet. It is believed that the idea gives the bride and groom strength before their wedding night.

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