In today´s fast-paced world, where almost every hour of our day is saturated by technology, sleeping disorders and problems like insomnia, sleep deprivation, restless sleep etc. have become a norm. Research has shown that spending hours in front of a screen, whether on your PC, television or phone, especially just before going to bed, makes it harder to go to bed earlier and degrades sleep quality.

Luckily, we can also use technology to help us, so we have selected the best sleeping apps out there to help you fall asleep like a baby. And for free!

1. Pillow

We all know that we should get 7-8 hrs of sleep each night to wake up feeling rested, but what is also important is in which phase of sleep we are being awakened. Pillow is an advanced sleep tracking app which monitors your movements and sounds you make in order to analyze your sleeping patterns. It´s innovative algorithm notices when you are in a light stage of your sleep and wakes you up, within 30 minutes of your alarm.

Additional features include a detailed history and sleep statistics; different kinds of mid-day rests: power naps (15 min), recovery (45 min), full cycle (120 min); health and fitness metrics (weight, blood pressure, heart rate, caffeine and alcohol consumption etc.) etc.

2. Pzizz

If you are one of those having trouble falling asleep, then this is just the app for you. Based on the science of psychoacoustics and clinical studies, Pzizz has created the perfect combination of soothing music, voiceovers in both male and female voices (which you can turn off as well), sound sequences, and sound effects they call ˝dreamscapes˝, optimized for each of your sleep cycles. These are supposed to relax you and introduce you peacefully into sleep.

An additional feature is quite the opposite – ˝focuscapes˝ intended to keep you awake and productive.

3. Sleep cycle

This is another widely used sleep tracking app, which analyses your sleep patterns using sounds in order to gently wake you up in the lightest phase of your sleep so you would wake up feeling refreshed and prepared for the day ahead.

It provides a detailed analysis of your sleep patterns, presented in graphs, and can also analyze snoring. This app is very popular because of its simplicity, so even those who are not that tech-savvied can have a good night´s sleep.

4. Digipill

This innovative app offers digital pills to help you reduce stress, increase motivation, and sleep better. Using a carefully formulated mix of narration and sounds, there are different treatments you can choose from for different goals (deep sleep, power nap, relaxation). All you need is to lay back, put some headphones and choose the right prescription.

5. Sleep Time

Using a cutting-edge algorithm, Sleep Time monitors the sounds and vibrations you make while sleeping and provides an in-depth analysis of your sleeping patterns. Based on this, it avoids waking you up in your deepest sleeping phase, because that would leave you feeling tired and groggy, no matter how early you went to bed.

Soothing natural sounds of the rainforest or waves can help you relax and naturally drift off to sleep, so you will wake up refreshed and ready to seize the day.

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