Last year I gave up my office job to become a full-time freelancer. I can honestly say I have no regrets even though it has its ups and downs. Here are some of the best things about being a freelancer:

You can work in your pajamas
When I started I made a rule never to work in my pajamas. But after a couple of weeks I thought isn’t that the whole point! And anyway, the great French writer Balzac always wrote in his dressing gown so it can’t be such a bad idea. It doesn’t suit everyone, but personally if I wake up with a great idea I love to get up and get started as soon as the coffee is brewing.

You can have an office cat or dog…or two
It’s a bit annoying when they jump on the keyboard and sit on the delete button, but it makes the working day much more enjoyable to have your pets around and know that you can give them a bit of extra exercise and attention. And taking the dog for a walk is a great way to refresh and clear your head to make you more productive.

You can have a glass of wine with your lunch
You shouldn’t do it too often, of course, but after a good morning’s work there’s nothing better than meeting a friend for lunch and a nice glass of wine. Just don’t overdo it or it will be the quickest way to lose clients.

You can turn night into day
Breaking free of the 9-5 routine can really free up your creativity. If you’re a night owl, for example, you can do your best work at the time that suits your brain and your own rhythms.

You can walk out the door
Working at home doesn’t mean you have to spend all day staring at the same four walls. With so many cafés offering free Wi-Fi and welcoming “cafepreneurs” you can recharge your laptop and your thinking with a cappuccino and a change of scene.

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