Dogs have completely entwined themselves into our lives. We spend billions on them annually. We give them their own social media accounts, where they’ll typically end up with more followers than us. They join us on errand runs, hikes and vacations. We love them like we love our two-legged kids.

So, with dogs so ingrained into our culture, what the heck do you do if you really want one but you’re crazy allergic? Not just like a sneeze here and there, but runny eyes, swollen face, wheezing allergic?

Well, you could continue to disappoint your spouse and children by refusing them a puppy, or you could embrace the fact that this is 2019 and get yourself a hypoallergenic dog. That’s right!

You, allergy sufferer, have every right to experience puppy breath and the joys of crate training. Hypoallergenic dogs shed incredibly minimally, but require frequent grooming or else their fur tends to become matted.

The best part? They come in a variety of sizes! Here are 5 of the most popular:

1. Poodle

Poodles are intelligent, family friendly dogs that are eager to please and easy to train! They come in large, standard and toy sizes, so they are appropriate for many different living situations.

2. Maltese

There is no denying that these pint sized pups are adorable. They love to play, but they have a docile nature that makes them a great family dog. They do require frequent grooming as their fur mats very easily. A Maltese will make a wonderful canine companion for any allergy sufferer.

3. Labradoodle

These curly cuties are a mix of a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever. They have the bouncy, exuberant personality of a Labrador, with the hypoallergenic perk of a Poodle! They are incredibly fun to have around, and would be a great addition to any active lifestyle.

4. Portuguese Water Dog

This breed needs some grooming upkeep, as all hypoallergenic breeds do, but they’re worth every bit of effort! The friendly and playful demeanor of the Portuguese Water Dog is sure to bring joy and lots of love to any allergy ridden dog lover.

5. Shih Tzu

Look at that cute little face! There is nothing more adorable than a Shih Tzu puppy, and these little guys love people! They’re hypoallergenic little snuggle nuggets, perfect for any prospective dog owner…not just those with allergies!

The list doesn’t stop here. There are over 23 breeds of hypoallergenic pups, turning allergy sufferers into dog owners every single day! Which one will you choose?

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