Some of us are not blessed to live in warm climates throughout the entire year. Once the winter comes, we have to put on our jackets and deal with low temperatures. If you feel like it is time to escape the cold, here are the top winter sun destinations to visit this year!

Koh Samui
You might not have heard of this island, but you probably know Thailand is a popular destination for tourists. Koh Samui is one of the islands that belong to this country. It has amazing sand beaches with crystal clear water. For optimal temperature and no rain, visit it from the end of December until the end of April.

We are moving to a whole different continent now. Cuba looks like it is an entirely different world from what you might have thought. Oldtimer vehicles, people having fun singing and dancing despite their poverty, and plenty of sun are three things you can expect in Cuba. A trip to this country is a unique experience for everyone. Don’t visit only the beaches, but head for Havana, too!


Hurghada is a city in Egypt and a destination that is quite affordable. You can find beautiful hotels and resorts with amazing food and pools, but what will take your breath away are the beautiful sand beaches and vivid sea life.

The Gambia

Another African destination, the Gambia is a place that everyone should visit at least once. It might not so many upscale resorts as other destinations, but do you need them when you have palms, large beaches with soft sand, and water that is warm and crystal clear? Affordable winter sun makes this one of the most attractive destinations for tourists from Europe.


If you are a fan of the Caribbean, it is hard to find a better place than Barbados. The temperatures are pleasant with the peak of around 28C, and the beaches are absolutely outstanding.


Dubai offers beautiful beaches, but the main reason why you should visit this city is the endless list of things to do. Whether you want to go on a desert safari or shop in one of many malls, you will always find something interesting. The summers can get very hot, which is why winter is the ideal time to visit this city.


A huge coastline is spreading to 1,350 miles in total, numerous attractions and beautiful cities, as well as active nightlife, are all excellent reasons to visit Florida. It is a large state, and we would advise visiting Orlando and Miami, but you won’t make a mistake whichever destination in Florida you choose!

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