Trying to figure out the wealthiest sportsman in 2019? Or eager to know how much your favorite athletes earn and where they are ranked? Here is the list of the wealthiest athletes in the world as of 2019. Starting from the least

5. Floyd Mayweather :(February 24, 1977) $700 Million

The American boxer regarded as one of the most successful lightweight fighters of all time. Floyd is undefeated in all of is 50 fights (50 wins) and has accumulated a net worth of about $700 million as of 2019.

4. Tiger Woods: (December 30, 1975) $740 Million

Tiger Woods is an American golfer, regarded in history as the most successful, controversial and wealthiest golfer of all time. Tiger has won 14 major golf championships including three Grand Slam titles and the youngest player in the game to win Grand Slam. He founded Tiger Woods Design for teaching golf courses. He has $740 million net worth.

3. Michael Schumacher: (January 3, 1963) $800 Million

Michael Schumacher is an ex-German Formula One driver. He raced with Ferrari, Benetton Mercedes, and made his entrance with Jordan Grand Prix. Schumacher is considered to be one of the greatest and richest racing drivers of all time, holding the record of winning the most number of World Championship title. He made a fortune of $800 million which makes him the third richest sportsman in the world to date

2. Ion Tiriac: (May 9, 1939) $1.24 Billion

Ion Tiriac is a retired Romanian professional tennis/ ice hockey player. He may not be famous as other athletes on the list, but he is a winner of one grand slam title. After retirement, he ventured into business, opening the first private bank in Romania. He also ventured into auto leasing, dealership, airlines, insurance, retail trade. All these contributed to his immense wealth of $1.24 billion net worth. He broke into Forbes’ list in 2007.

1. Michael Jordan: (February 14, 1963) $1.65 Billion

Considered as the greatest basketball player, also referred to as Air Jordan. Michael has his own Brand for the clothing line and sports goods all of which added to his huge wealth of $1.65 billion net worth, making him the wealthiest Sportsman in the World in 2019. He is the first billionaire NBA player.
In conclusion, all these athletes put their heart and soul on the line to reach the pinnacle of success, proving that with hard work and the right skills, success is inevitable.

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