20 Photos of Guy Interfering with Photoshop in Celebrities Lives, and We Can not Stop Laughing

Most celebrities are not known to be with “ordinary” people, but for this type, they make an exception. Meet Robert Van Impe, also known as Average Rob, a self-styled “mediocre guy” from Belgium who in Photoshop is nothing mediocre.

The artist and digital comedian, who holds a Masters in Advertising and Marketing from Coventry University and works as (a kind of) journalist for the Belgian comedy magazine Smoke, has unleashed a new wave of fun “encounters” with celebrities on the Internet, and they look convincing enough to be real. If he enjoyed his previous stunts, including falling asleep with famous people and revealing himself as the secret BFF of Barack Obama, he will love these frank and slightly uncomfortable moments he shared with some of his starry friends.

Scroll down to please your average side, and you’ll see the photos you want to appear in magazines instead of those ridiculously posed photo sessions.

# 1 Rob with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

 # 2 Rob with Beyonce and Jayz

3 # Rob with Selena Gomez

4 # Rob with Barack Obama

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5 # Rob with Kim Kardashian

6 # Rob with Spiderman

7 # Rob with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

8 # Rob with Conor McGregor (TheNotoriousmma)

9 # Rob in The Ellen Degeneres Show

10 # Rob with Rihanna

11 # Rob with Katy Perry

12 # Rob with David Beckham

13 # Rob in Front page VOGUE and famous models

14 # Rob with Beyonce and Jayz

15 # Rob with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

16 # Rob in STAR WARS scene with C3PO y R2D2

17 # Rob with Bruno Mars

18 # Rob with Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

19 # Rob with Barack Obama

20 # Rob with Beyonce

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