20 Best Funny Pictures taken on Right Moment

IntoPosts has compiled the 20 best funniest pictures also taken at the best moment so you can have a good time imagining the next seconds after the hilarious photos being taken.

1. Watch Out the Ball

Surely the girl in the photo has not seen that ball coming towards her. It would have been great to see the expression of the photographer when he saw that the ball was heading towards his model!

2. Where is the Shark?

At IntoPosts, we are sure that when these women asked for a vacation in paradise, it certainly was not what they had in mind. While swimming in the transparent sea, they did not think they would find something out of the ordinary … until an angelfish got a bit close looking for affection. However, you should not be afraid, this type of shark is usually relatively harmless, unless you are provoked and use your strong jaw.

3. The Great Little One having Fun in the Sand

Our editors in IntoPosts think that the photo seems to have been recently extracted from a modern version of Gulliver’s travels, especially in his visit to Lilliput with its mini-inhabitants. The picture was taken just as the child approached Doritos to his mouth. The landscape in the background and the crystal clear waters are a laugh for the eyes!

4. Careful with the Base’… Balls!

Not always having a bad day happens only to you. Just think about this guy, who was hit in the most sensitive place by a baseball that was flying at high speed, how knows how many miles per hour! The painful expression on his face really speaks by itself.

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5. There goes the bat!

The player put too much butter in his sandwich that day and the bat went out of his hands. The worst thing is that it seems that a spectator will stop buying butter for a long time, and not because he will take revenge on the player, but because his jaw will need a good recovery after the blow.

6. Lifespring…hahaha

I told my daughter not to play with that trickle of water!

7. A Nose Blockage

At IntoPosts we don´t know very well if the attacking basketball player had such a big cold that he had to ask for help to unblock it, or to think if the defending player was looking for more than a blocking of the ball … He expects to find oil in this tiny place?

8. Petite Cute Kitten

When you’re on TV, look at the audience, and not at the … cute kittens!

9. The Flying Ice Cream

This man seems not having a good day. This gull has just snatched his delicious ice cream at this hot sunny day!

10. How Healthy she is!

Is the squirrel reading the nutritional data? That´s very recommendable, as she’s looking for not eating harmful ingredients.

11. WOW, that’s Amazing!

It´s true that monkeys are our closest relatives and at IntoPosts we show how close we really are.

12. You have to Eat till the end!

It´s not good to force anyone to finish eating till the end. He should let him eat at ease, don´t you think?

13. Cats Love

We must follow the example and be as romantic as those kittens.

14. A Flying Fish?

This is a simulacrum teaching this fish how to fly! The bird is a good trainer and wants to make it as better as possible to make him a “flying fish”!

15. Bubbles Dog

Hey, that’s not a chewing toy!

16. Basket or Football, I don’t get it?!

There are sports that require a high level of physical skill and can sometimes give results with terribly unpleasant injuries. At IntoPosts we do not understand how this basketball somehow became football, with one player hitting the other looking for the ball. Player number 5 will have a complicated recovery for the following months.

17. Wrong Balls!

It seems that one of the two is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Football is becoming an increasingly competitive and aggressive sport. In this picture we see a very acute impact, although accidental, that causes a serious pain, without a doubt, to the striped player, who must have jumped to head but the ball. Oh!

18. Snorkeling Dog

Many dogs are water lovers, even some very daring diving. This little dog seems that water is his passion, although he did not expect the camera to take a picture while diving.

19. Where is this F**g Cat?

These two good “friends” are looking for each other as always, dogs look for the cats. But this time it seems that the cat has been really naughty and its life is in danger, that is why he is doing the impossible so that he cannot be caught by his partner.

20. Which horse is better dressed?

This horse is very presumed with his new dress!




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