10 Most Dangerous Countries for Foreigners

Below is the list of 10 most dangerous countries for foreigners. Some of the places are strickly no-go areas while others need to be threaded with extreme caution.

1. Colombia

It is strongly advised by the Department of State to people to exercise increased caution due to crime and terrorism. In Columbia, demonstrations, and protests often occur, especially in Bogota. Common violent crimes which include homicide, assault, and armed robbery are prevalent. Also, Organized criminal activities, such as extortion, robbery, and kidnapping for ransom, are widespread.

2. Yemen

Yemen is a zone for military conflict, terrorism and civil unrest. Hence people are advised not to travel there. Al-Qaeda is active in the country U.S. citizens are usually detained, according to the Department of State. Also, no provision of essential amenities are available.

3. El Salvador

In El Salvador, crime and violence are at critical levels and are unpredictable. Gang activity is very rampant. Peace Corps had to hold on its program in the country because of the security situation in the country.

4. Pakistan

Pakistan increasingly experiences significant terrorist violence. Both foreign and indigenous terrorist groups resort to kidnapping for ransom. It is also a region with religious conflict.

What also increases Pakistan’s low safety situations are raging militancy and deteriorating law and order.

5. Nigeria

Nigeria, although a land with opportunities and also dollar friendly, is prone to crime, terrorism, and piracy. Tourists are advised to reconsider going there. In addition, rape, assault, armed robbery, carjacking, and kidnapping are common.

Terrorists continue plotting possible attacks in Nigeria. Nigeria is on the list as one of the world’s most risky place to drive.

6. Venezuela

Over the last couple of years, Venezuela has become a dangerous place. This is due to political instability -as a result of its critical economic state.

Violent crimes are high, both in the capital Caracas and throughout the country. Country-wide shortages of basic amenities and infrastructure such as food, water, medicine, electricity, have led to violence and looting.

7. Egypt

The danger in Egypt comes from ISIS and other extremist groups. These groups pose a serious threat to public venues throughout the country, and that includes tourist sites.

Tourists are advised not to completely avoid regions like the Sinai Peninsula, the Western Desert and to the Egyptian border due to terrorism and military zones.

8. Kenya

Kenya is supposed to be on the list of almost every adventurous traveler. However, Exercise Increase Caution. There is an increase in the threat of terrorist attacks in areas like Nairobi. Although many sites outside the city are attacked. Armed carjacking, mugging, home invasion, and kidnapping are other vices that can occur at any time.

9. Honduras

Honduras, undoubtedly, among the most beautiful countries in Central America, also has a high level of crime and violence. Its murder rates are one of the highest in the world. Homicide, gang activities, extortion, violent street crime, rape, and armed robbery are frequent. San Pedro Sula is known to be the most violence city on Earth. It records according to Mexican study, about three murders a day. (169 murders per 100,000 people).

10. Ukraine

Ukraine is a threat because of the fighting between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed armed separatists. Areas prone to this is the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and Crimea. Sometimes attacks are racially motivated. Be cautious of the possibility of street crime and petty theft, which is on the increase in Kyiv.

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